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Mini Mobile Sling Bags


I've been working on a few mini mobile sling bags. This is one of my fave projects to make and gift.  I personally use it to keep my hard disc, to carry when I go for an errand, to keep my power bank, and even fit in my pocket camera (this is handy when I travel). 

One of my fellow Indian Etsy sellers asked me yesterday, how do I manage to do what I do? I really don't have a definite answer. I just enjoy what I am doing, sewing, embroidery,  quilting, making videos, tutorials, etc. But trust me, there's a lot of work before I posted an update on social media or blog. Like these Sling Bags, I started a few weeks ago. I am batching my work a lot and I have a box full of ongoing projects. Cutting, ironing, sewing, taking photos, editing and posting don't happen in one or two days. 

Sometimes, I don't get time to sew for a few days and when I am free at night I will not be in the mood to sew, that's when I pick up my hand sewing projects. 

Anyway, here are a few mobile pouches cum sling bags that are available in my Etsy Shop as well as my Webshop. I ship internationally from my Webshop too. 

Green Paisley Phone Bag | ETSY | WEBSHOP

This time, I use some of my fave Indian fabrics and combined them with linen fabric. 

Brown Paisley | ETSY| WEBSHOP

This pink quotes sling bag is my current fave!  I got the fabric from my Japan trip Tokyo Quilt Festival 2 years ago and so glad I finally use it for this bag. 

Marie Curie Quote Bag | ETSY | WEBSHOP

Blue Warli Phone Bag | ETSY | WEBSHOP

This is another fave from this batch of sling bags. Love the combination of floral print and stripe. The floral fabric is popular in my fabric shop. I have another combo in a similar print. 

The best thing about this sling bag is you can use it as a waist/hipster bag. I used to wear it as a waist bag a couple of years ago but now I prefer it as a  sling bag or just make a wristlet and carry it in my hand. 

 I am a bit tired today from making pre-cut batting. I really need to resume my exercise. I got a whole roll of 60 meters of cotton batting and since I don't have a place to keep the roll (it's 100 inches long), I decided to make 3 meters cut and if you're in India and looking for cotton batting, do check it out in the shop. Only have a few packs though. It's bleached cotton 150 GSM and 100 Inches Wide. 

Cotton Batting 

That's all for today. I hope you keep creatively busy and stay safe! Thank you for reading my blog!

Happy Sewing,


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Simple Kantha Coasters for Two

Today is quite a busy day. Besides the usual home chores, I have several orders to send out in the afternoon, so I spent the first half of the day packing and printing labels. I am using DHL e-com and FedEx to shipping out my Etsy orders. 

Sometimes, we're scared to start something new because we're so comfortable in our current situation. This is what's been happening to me in the past year or so. As much as I enjoy making wallets and small bags, I truly miss the joy of "just create" something! Experimenting with my crafts and sharing joy with others. And if you're an Etsy seller, sometimes the pressure is more. You feel like everybody is doing much better than you, especially if you spend more time on social media (Instagram or Facebook). This year, it will be about me enjoying making my craft. I will not take too many custom orders so that I will have more time to learn new things, experiment, and sharing a few tutorials or sewing tips with you all. 

Ok, so this is what I've been working on after the Heartbeat Kantha Coasters! I have this beautiful block print fabric and want to make something with it. I guess, when you start your first step, the inspiration will just flow into your brain. I know I wanted to do more kantha but not sure what design. I wanted something simple and one day after dinner, I thought, why not using the design from the fabric, and this simple linen Kantha coaster is born. The design is about 3" in diameter and the inner circle is about 1" in diameter (I used my machine's bobbin to draw the circle). I used tricot interfacing for these coasters. I'll write more about it in my next post, Insha Allah. And if you want to try the design, be my guest! I'm trying to draft the template, hopefully, I'll have more time this week to complete it. 

Kantha and Block Print Coasters

I sent out 2 sets of Kantha coasters today and I'm so happy and grateful for the response I received on my small quilt shop! I really love making these small quilted coasters and practicing my hand quilting while I binge-watching my C-Drama on Viki after dinner. 


A customer wanted a round and rectangular coaster set. The round coaster was a bit of a challenge to do in a kawandi style of quilting, but it was a great experience. Maybe I will make a few more round coasters. Hmm, another idea to try! 

It's been quite cold in the past few days but today is better. After dealing with couriers almost the whole afternoon, I decided to make muffins but didn't turn out so good, because I found out afterward that the oven was set on upper heat only. This is why you should not multitask or arguing with your son while baking LOL. But the boys enjoyed it, anyway. I need to lookup more muffin recipes! 

That's all for today. Thank you for stopping by! 
Take care & stay safe!

Heartbeat Kantha Coasters

I wanted to make this coaster for a long time. I drafted the pattern and was actually thinking of doing an applique and embroidery combo. But after learning Kantha embroidery, I thought I could just use the kantha stitch and I love how this turned out. 

The materials needed (for 1 coaster) are:

1. 6 x 6 inches cotton fabric - 3 pieces
(I'm using Linen for the beige coasters and handloom ikat for the indigo one)
2. Anchor pearl (Perle) cotton no. 8  or 3 strands of embroidery yarn (I am using this for the linen one). 

This is a super-fast project and very beginner's friendly. All you have to is download the template  HERE and follow the instructions. Next, watch the video below.  (in the video I did freehand drawing using an erasable pen, but I created a template for you :).

Don't worry if your stitches are not even, it's hand-sewn, it's organic. You will get better as you go along. 
The kantha stitch is done on one layer of fabric only. If you want to do it on all through the 3 layers, be my guest! I did it on single layers, because it's easier for me :)
Feel free to experiment! 

I'll be making a few coasters for my small quilt shop. It's one of those projects that you can do while watching your fave shows or drama :)

Linen Coaster Set

If you're wondering about my photo props, the teapot mini plate I got from The House of Tea in Central Mall Delhi Aerocity a few years ago, and the mini teacups, I got them as a gift from a shop in Uji when we went in 2019. I love buying cute decorative stuff or souvenirs, most of them are useful as photo props :D. My boys always wondering, what I am going to do with all those. 

I better get going now, I have a few more coasters and bags to finish, but very little time to craft nowadays. Thank you for visiting my blog and stay safe!!

Happy Sewing, 


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