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First Installment

Remember in my last post I showed you fabrics strips that I cut. In fact I cut a little bit more. I cut 6.5" strips and jelly rolls.

I wanted to do a quick strip quilt. And here what I ended up with

slim table runner!!
I quilt it in the ditch cos I just got this fancy foot for my new HV ^-* 

the back is olive green. ❤

oh I did the binding using the flat felled foot based on THIS tutorial

I did a little  adjustment since Bernina and HV foot has a different width. 

I still prefer handsewn binding for small quilt though
 But sometimes I'm just not in the mood to do hand sewing, esp when there's no interesting K-drama to accompany me. Ha!!

By the way, RPQ has a good tips on binding on her Instagram. I just saw it today and I may give it a try on my next one. 

if you want to purchase the runner it's available on my ETSY shop
or if you want the fabric, you can go to my FABRIC SHOP

Until next time

Happy Quilting

What inspired you?

Well, for me, when I'm not in the mood to sew, usually folding fabrics do the tricks, esp.during "that" time of the month when my mood usually at the lowest.

Last week, I've got my fabric stocks delivered for my Etsy shop but I was just not too excited about it. Until I took them out from the package. Ha!

For those who's not familiar with Indian cotton, you should really try this. This one is soft light weight cotton which is suitable for any projects. 

whether you want soft love volume floral prints

or bright flowers

or an autumn warm colors

After a whole day of folding and photographing all those, I cut up few strips. 
I have  lots of plans and ideas in my head.

Let's see what I will make out of these strips

Until then

Happy Sewing

Let's get some UFOs done

How many UFO projects do you have? 
Me? Umm...more then a dozen, at least -_-
I have mostly small orphan blocks from trial and error. I think I am going to make a pot holder and dish mat with that.

OK, lemme start showing off now ^_*

These 2 table runners were  meant for a bigger quilt but I get distracted, besides I don't have enough space in the house to keep big quilts. 

D Pink, blue and yellow looks very refreshing. Simple disappearing four patch which I did after watching video tutorial in MSQ youtube channel. 
Hey, don't you love how Jenny makes quilting look so easy??!!

and I got a matching backing fabric

Second one is this yellow and blue pinwheel. I was obsessed with these two colors few months back ^v^ and cut a whole bunch. Since big quilt is off, now I can make more blue and yellow mini quilts. 

I quilted using decorative stitched. I was going to do serpentine stitch but forgot to change the setting and started with straight line. I was too lazy to unpick it (who doesn't?) and decided to use 2 straight lines and 2 serpentines. and I LOVE how it turned out. Yay!

Enough rambling... now I'm off to watch my Kdrama ^^

Until then...
Happy Sewing

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