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TUTORIAL : Twisted Infinity Scarf

Everyone loves infinity scarf. It's the "grab n go n look fab" kind of accessories. So, recently I've been making my version of infinity scarves. You can use any kind of fabric, cotton, flannel, georgette, crepe, chiffon, etc.  I happened to have these saree blouse fabrics which I got from my MIL. Saree blouse comes with the saree. It's usually less than a meter (80 -90 cm) of fabric which has to be cut off from the main saree. 

I thought of sharing with you how I made my scarves. This is a quick project which make a perfect gift. So, here we go:

What you need:
1. A piece of fabric (depends on how WIDE and LONG of your scarf). and since I'm making from a saree scrap my piece is 80 cm x 115 cm

2. Sewing machine and sewing supplies (matching thread, handsewing needle, etc)

Let's get started:

1. This is my fabric. It's georgette fabric with fancy dots ;). Make sure you straighten your fabric, which means BOTH ENDS have the SAME WIDTH. 

2.  Now, FOLD it once and pin it. ( you can see the selvedges on both sides) .

if you make a longer and wider one, and you'll fold it length wise -  selvedges meet the selvedges. 

3. Sew 0.5" along the pinned side to make a TUBE. 

4. Turn your tube inside out. Lay it flat (iron it if necessary, if you use cotton esp) and now match the open side of the tube by TWISTING the fabric. 

So the SEWN seams will meet the FOLDED sides.

5. Match the middle seam and the sewn seam RIGHT SIDE together and PIN. You can pin all the way around, or like me, I usually put 3 pins at the beginning. 

6. Now start sewing 0.5" along the tube's opening. 

when the opening is getting narrower, you just PUSH the whole SCARF inside the opening. Keep sewing and LEAVE 2"-3" as a turning hole. 

7. You're almost, pull out the fabric and're almost done it ^_^. 

8. Closing the gap with slip stitch using a matching thread. 

And VOILA...wear it as you like ^_^

It's easy peasy, isn't it?

This scarf and a lot more is available at my SHOP.

Until then..

Happy Sewing

New Mantra and 2 minis ^_*

I recently finished 2 mini quilts. I guess I enjoy making the minis than the big one. How about you? The thing is I have so many things I want to try making but there's NEVER enough time. Though now the kids spends longer time in school and they come back home at 3pm, still I could not spare more than 1.5 hrs on sewing/quilting.
I'm the type who can not start working unless my house is properly cleaned and everything is back on its place. But I guess now it's time to apply this new mantra :D

before I became obsessed with the never ending dust blowing from the river bank. 

Now, about my minis, here's what I finished recently.

Green Red with cherry and strawberry. 

I really love using this decorative stitch. It's stitch #15 in my Bernina Bernette e92c.

Second one is this one. Yes yes I know..I cut a whole bunch with {intention} of making a big quilt. But  I sort of losing my focus, because as I mentioned in my previous POST, this card tricks block is actually TRICKY :D

but I really love this block 

I put candy polkadots at the back, it sort of match with the card tricks blocks..don't you think?

I still have this batik fabrics plus few  (alot of)  HSTs which I think I will make  something else. 

So, that's my story...I still have lots of things to do in my sewing list so I better hurry now ;)

Until then

Happy Quilting

Card tricks anyone?

I've been wanted to try this block. Saw lots of tutorial on the net and yesterday I decided to take the plunge. I took out my Indonesian batiks and start slicing them. 

Well, the tutorial seems quite easy but it really tricky (hence the name??) . 

I still couldn't get the point matched though :(

I don't know what it's going to end up to be....

Until then,

Happy Quilting

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