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Midnite sewing

Lately I just couldnt sleep at nite. After dinner at about 10 pm (yup, Indian have late dinner) sleep is just avoiding me. So what to do? I started doing my sewing after dinner when the kids are already asleep. It was kind of peaceful..and I like it.
So here' s what I did today. I'm quite happy with the turned out well..:-D .

Blog Award

I got this award from lovely Janelle from of Pinks and Fairy Tales last month. Thanks a lot Janelle. She lives in the beautiful Phillipines with her daughter Andrea. She made lovely stuff. You should check her tutorials and you'd agree with me.

Ok, so here's the rule for the versatile blogger award:

1. Thanks the person who gave you the award.
So, THANK YOU again Janelle for the award. You really lift up my spirit..^__^

2. Tell us 7 things about your selves:
so here we go:
* I'm Indonesian who now married and settled in India for the last 9 years
* I'm a lawyer by education
* I'd love to travel the world, well maybe someday
* I love BON JOVI and have all his albums
* I mad about FABRICS and have collected quite a lot.
* I work better when my studio is in a
* My current wishlist is I-Pad (who doesn't?) but then it's too expensive here in India

3. Share the award with 15 blogs you just discovered.

Ahh..this is what I love..I spend so much time blog walking and doesnt even check my own blog sometimes. Hence I came to know about the award quite late (shame on me)..Sorry Janelle..>__<. There are just too many bloggers out there who are more creative than me. My apology I just could not name 15 of them, but here are few Indonesian bloggers whose work I love to share with you :). I don't know them personally and I just stumble upon their blog recently:

1. Hayano handmade

2. Sew Stories

3. Cemprut

So that's all...and I hope you really have a lovely crafty weekends...^___^

Warm regards from India

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