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I love making this easy peasy mobile pouch. It’s great gift and it needs only a little bit of scraps and time

So, now here we go:

First of all, measure you mobile phone from sides to side and ADD 1 inch (or you can add a little more if you’re unsure/newbie)

Mine was 3” x 5 “ (4” x 6” with seam included).

Now the FUN part:

1. Get your scrap and do the following

a. CUT 2 pcs ( 4” X 6”) of each MAIN FABRIC, LINING, INTERFACE & BATTING

b. Cut 1 pcs of (4” x 4”) of MAIN, LINING &  INTERFACE (for pocket)

c. Cut 1 elastic cord according to your desire

d. Cut 2 decorative ribbon for the side loops

2. Iron the Interface to the MAIN fabric

3. Let’s do the pocket now. 

Put the MAIN  the LINING (right sides facing) and stitch along the TOP part (1/4”). Turn it around, press nicely and top stitch it.

4. Put the pocket to the bottom front part of the MAIN fabric and stay stitch around the sides the bottom.

5. Attach/Stay stitch the elastic cord and the ribbon to the back part of the MAIN fabric

6. Now arrange: MAIN (right sides face up),  LINING (Right sides face down) & Batting,.

7. Now sew along the TOP part (3/8”).

8. Open the seam (I put the batting with the LINING which is actually NOT ADVISABLE), put the LINING &  the MAIN (with batting) Together, good sides facing. Match the seam & carefully PIN it.

 I usually pin this part first and then pin the rest . 
Once you satisfied, start stitch it around, START from the SIDES of the LINING fabric (do reverse stitch when start and end your stitch). Leave around 2” gap (when making small pouches I love to leave the gap a bit more at the sides. It’s easier to maneuver it later.

9. You’re almost there….Cut the corners and make a small snip at the corners) and now you turn it around. Ok it’s a bit difficult but you’ll manage…there you go…do a little bit of poking on each corner. It will look more of less like this..

10. Stitch close the opening and push the lining part inside the main part. Do a little more poking and when you satisfied, stitch down the top edge. This is how I usually do it.

11. Attach the button and now your mobile pouch is ready. 

You can put long cord on the loop or detachable strap.

(*TIPS: while doing No. 8, I usually stitch the lining a bit smaller than the main part. It gives a better finish for bags  & pouches).

I hope this is clear enough, do email me if you have any question(s) ^_^

Have a nice CRAFTY weekends

Tutorial: Placemats in a Jiffy

My sons badly need a new set of placemats. I want something in dark and bright color plus easy to wash & dry. So I rummaged through my fabric stash and found this dark blue fabric with cartoon character and I took out my fave red gingham. The red gingham is cotton Ssnthetic mix and the blue one is pure cotton.

and here's how I made it:

1. Cut the Main (Blue) fabric as desired.  Mine is: 17" x 14"
 Cut the backing fabric (red gingham)  approx. 1 " more of the main fabric (on all sides) => 19" x 16"

2. Place the main fabric on the backing (wrong sides facing) and fold in the remaining inches. Pin all around.

3. Sew sew sew...zzzggggzzggg...

4. Voila you're done...

Now your lil one can have one or two of her/his favorite cartoon too...^_^

Have a great CRAFTY weekends

It's been a long time

It's been more than a month I haven't updated my blog. I've been quite busy in the past months. I've made few dresses for my friend's DD and making few pouches too.

I bought few back issues of craft magazines (handmade & country craft) from Australia and quite excited to make few items's simply mind blowing ...

here's the pouches
and the dresses

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and here's my WIP this week

Thanks for stopping by...Happy Crafting ^_^

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