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Feeling down :-(

Today I feel a bit down. I checked my Etsy inbox and got one convo saying that she’s yet to get her parcel from me. It’s almost 1 month. I filed a complain with the post office and I hope someone there will do something about it. For me, selling online is not just about money. The customer’s satisfaction is my UTMOST importance. If my customer(s) don’t get their order or not satisfied with my products I’d rather refund their money.
Today, that was what I offered her. Fortunately she agreed to wait for sometimes. I hope by the time, my parcel will reach her. I think this is the most crucial things in selling online..ehmm..beside photography (at least for me).

Whenever I’m sending the parcel (even for swap) I always take really care, such as make sure I wrap everything in plastic before put it in an envelope and if necessary, during the monsoon season, I use double envelopes and put broad cellotape all over.

I love to send my parcel in special wrapping that I made my self . Or if I don’t have much time, I wrap it using one traditional piece of cloth (gamocha), which is our traditional symbol of friendship, love, respect,etc. Otherwise for small order like trims and ribbons I made a drawstring pouches. I also made a simple Thank You card.

I just hope all my customers will get their parcel in time and also my swap partners. Thanks a lot for your patience and I hope what I have sent you is worth the wait :-)

~ have a nice day ~

Quickie Pouch/Wrislette for dear friend

I made this pouch the other day. Actually I've been wanting to make something for her and her b'day has come and gone and she lives across the 7 seas..:D

She's a crafter herself and she makes beautiful cards. I've been very lucky to receive few of her handmade cards. What can I say..she's really really talented.

Here what I made for her: small wristlet..:D. I used pure cotton fabric left-over from the frock I made few weeks back. The lining is handwoven olive green cotton. I machine-quilted it and put a simple lace there.

I made the label my self. I print it out using fusible interfasing and it turns out ok. Though I am not sure the print will stay on after washing ^_*. But for the time being it serves the purpose..:D

I hope she likes what I made for her...and I still have few more stuff to make..
Until then....have a great day..

Pirate Ship Projetcs ^_*

Everyday is crafty day if you have a curious 5 years olds who constantly giving you his ideas of making things. He loves drawing & nowadays painting. His favorite objects of course is his superheroes, either superman or Ben 10.

The other day he suddenly told me he wanted a pirate ship. My first reaction was “where am I going to get it from??”. But my crafty mind, fortunately, kicks in and I said “ we’ll make one”, even though I have no idea as yet how to make it.

Today morning, he reminded me that I promised him about making pirate ship. I remember my KG days when we used to make paper boat, now why don't we use a bigger paper to make a SHIP.

So, the 4 of us (DH included) sat down and start the “Pirate Ship Projects”
The material:
1. 1 sheet of chart paper/manila paper
2. Lots of cellotapes
3. Fabric Scraps, cut into triangles & rectangles
4. Few long sticks ( we use sticks from coconut leaves)
5. Glue
6. Scissors

First: Make the Ship (I guess all of you must have known how..I just make a collage pics how I made it) and draw the skeleton (My elder one drew it )

Please ignore the last 2 pics..:D I'm just learning how to make collage :)

Second, cut the sticks into different length and cut the fabrics. Put the glue to the fabrics and stick them to the sticks.

Third: Attach the stick to the ship (to the triangular middle part one) using the tapes .

We made 2 Pirate Ships for both of them and these simple toys makes them busy the whole day playing pirate.

Have a great day…

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