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The Secret Stitch Club

I stumbled upon this Blog. The Secret Stitch Club. They made lovely aprons and what I love most is their patchwork x-mas stocking…it’s really cute…go and check out the blog (if you’re not already).


This remind me of my 2 dear friends in Mumbai, India. Everyday, over the YM, we chat/discuss about what project to make, what blogs are nice to visit, etc. It’s really fun. And when we start doing the projects, we keep our YM open so that we can ask each other if we have some problem.

What I want to say is,because the internet now we can share our joy of sewing and hand crafting with our friends even though they are miles away from our place.

You can visit my friends blog HERE and HERE

happy crafting ^_^

PS: I don’t know how to insert web page photo to blog , so pardon me if the photo is not good…:-S

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