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4 o'clock Stitch : Fresh Toffees Bag

It's a tradition in my son's school, that on a birthday, the student can only distributes toffees. Usually the b'day boy/girl will go to each section of his class and to the teachers & the principal. It's very cute to watch them walking gingerly towards the teachers' room and all the teachers will greet them "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"

So, my son's been telling me that he has to take toffies today and some bowl to put the toffies in. I was thinking to send one of my plastic containers for him to put the toffies in, but then last night before sleeping I had this idea "why not making something like a bag" and I remember seeing one bucket bag in ayumill blog. So after sehri today, I just got down to work and voila...the toffees he can carry his tofees in style..

Now, I better wake him up and get him ready for his school....;)

Thanks for stopping by...& have a nice day

~ Chez Vies ~

Lunch Bag, Purselette & Pouch

Finally after weeks of laziness, I decided to come back to make something in my sewing machine.
And here what I come up with:

1. Small lunch bag (or you can use it as diaper bas as well ~ its quite spacious). I use casement fabric. I did the applique and embroidered the leaves. I thing the applique flowers are too big..:D Anyway lesson learnt, next time I'll make better one (hopefully..;)


2. I have this black n white handloom fabric for quite sometimes now. I wanted to make pouches/purse with it, so here the first two of my pouch
cosmetic pouch triagle side
Thank to Wulan for giving me the idea about the detail/zipper. :D

the purselette/wristlette. The same size (18 x 13 cm) with straight side

the detail

I cut another one but I run out of zipper..:D

Hope you like it. Comment would be nice and very much appreciated...
Thanks for looking..;)

Have a nice DAY

More and more bag

I made few more bags/totes/wristlet these days...some I gave them to Zia for her birthday (hope she liked them..*_*). Still trying to better my zipper...and still wanna do more and more bags...but with my limited time I think it's gonna take me ages ha ha ha...Tried made one wallet which did not come out well but I liked it all the same..(hihi..muji diri ndiri nih..)

Any, here they are....

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