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I love maple leaves

I always love autumn colors and the January challenge of India MQG is making stuff (patchwork) with WARM SOLID  colors. I was chatting with Mbak Hany and told her about the challenge and she showed me one of her new stash. It was pretty fabric with autumn leaves. That what really hit me. I started browsing and found one tutorial on maple leaf block from Country Lane Quilts. Based on that I made this mini quilt.

as a table top

Burnt Orange at the back

 a touch of green to show the life of a maple leaf from green to orange..though I'm not sure if it's gone through Red phase ;) 

once more 

Working with solid colors is quite fun. To mix and match the  color is quite a challenge it self. I think in the end, your quilt shows your moods :)

Until then...Happy Crafting :)

Look what I got in the mail

Look !! Look!!...what I got in the mail today
I bought this from Etsy . I love all the cuteness in the book, I even tried making one pouch

 and diary cover for my self

I just can't wait to try one of the patterns, but meanwhile, let me finish my maple first *wink wink*

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