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Easy Scrub Hat Patterns

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I hope everyone is keeping well. I've been working on few pending patterns that are in my draft folder for a long time :D.
Creating pattern especially with templates takes time. From making samples, try it out, make sure the templates are correct, taking photos, editing and the tough part is writing the words! Many times, my brain freeze and I just had to leave it ^^.

I've been working for this banded scrub hat pattern for a couple of weeks. It's based on my original tutorial 9 years ago. I tweak the pattern to fit most adult with head circumference 58 cms or 23 inches and Kids size with head circumference 20-21 inch. 

This surgical cap pattern comes with full scale patterns in 2 sizes which you can easily print on your home printer. Everybody has different head size, so I added a tips on how to  scale up or down the scrub hat. For example, my SIL (who is a doctor) loves the hat to cover  most of the forehead, while my elder son (who has a big head with narrow forehead) prefer a slightly narrow hat. I prefer the narrow one to wear as underscarf but love the broader one to cover most of my head when I am cooking :). Oh yes, I wear head covering when I cook for hygienic reason. 

The pattern is available in my ETSY shop for minimal price. Or if you like simply click the button below this post to get one.

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Take care & stay well.


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