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Birthday Dress For Anisha

Just a quick post...My best friend, Wulan, last minute asked me to make a birthday dress for her little princess, Anisha. There was hardly any time. Until Saturday night we were still discussing what will suit her best and what fabric are available with  me right now. Sometimes back, on a wimp, I bought few yards of Dupioni Silks. I bought few colors and one of them in this maroonish wine color, which is go gorgeous and soft. It's polished dupiony silk. It shines beautifully.
And I had 1 yard left of crepe silk fabric in off white. I thought that'd be a good combo. Wulan is really easy to work with..and thanks alot for TRUSTING me, dearest. This is the first time I attemped making a party dress.
I had only 2 - 3 days to finish and as luck would have it, I have all the material ready, including the poly cotton lining fabric. Wulan wanted something that will be comfortable to wear on Anisha's birthday party. You know India is very hot during the summer, even with the AC on. So, we thought this will be great cos we don't want to make the little lady cranky cos the dress is uncomfotable.

We thought of adding a netty pettycoat to make it fuller, but it turn out okay without one. First, because there was nation-wide strike in India so going fabric shopping was out of the question, secondly, to find a matching coloir will be another hard task. Luckily, the silk fabric is 42" wide.

I sewn tiny faux pearls around the neck & sleeves, and added a bunch of small ribbon flowers in the sash.

and there's the little princess...isn't she cute???

Oh and I made one more dress for Anisha it is

NOTE:  Dupioni Silk still available at my ETSY SHOP

So, that's all ...until then...happy crafting

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