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Pattern Download Guide

How to Access Your Purchased E-Patterns from C H E Z V I E S 
E-Patterns from Chezvies are available for download instantly after confirmed payment. Instant Confirmation now available only for payment made using Credit Card or Debit Card through Paypal. For NEFT and Wallet Payment, manual confirmation will be done upon receiving the payment.
Anytime you need to download the purchased pattern here is what you have to do
1. Log in to your CHEZVIES account.
2. Go to the ORDER tab to see all your past purchase including the e-pattern.

3. Click the blue link to download your pattern.
4. Email confirmation with download link also will be sent to your email.
ZIP Files: Download Unzip apps or program to extract zip files on your computer, laptop, phone or iPad.
PdF Files: To read PdF files in your phone or iPad, you need to download appropriate apps that suit your phone model and Operating System (Android, IOS or Windows)
Quick Tips!
Once you downloaded your pattern, I suggest keeping a copy in your cloud storage, such as Google Drive or Drop Box where you can easily access it from any device. You can print out the templates and open the instructions file from your cell phone, laptop or tablet/iPad.
Happy Sewing

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