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Change is the only constant



I hope everyone is keeping well and fine, especially for those who live in India as we're battling with the second wave now. 

I posted on Instagram last week about the change that's happening in my webshop. As we're assessing the website performance and data, we decided to change the currency from INR (Indian Rupees) to USD. As most of the visitors come from outside India, it's only sensible to use USD instead of INR to minimize confusion. 

Also, to give an alternative way of shopping for those who always buy from my Etsy Shops. Though Etsy is the most convenient but with the current situation, as a seller, inevitably we have to increase the price from time to time, due to the increasing amount of fees we have to pay to Etsy. Apart from listing fees, we have to pay for sold fees, the Advertisement fees (a major chunk of our earnings go here), etc. 

I'll be adding more products and editing the shop in the next few weeks,  and will try to sync it with what's listed in my Etsy shops. 

International shipping from the Website will be done via DHL e-com and FedEx just like in my Etsy Shops.

Thank you so much for your love and supports all these years and I'm looking forward to your continued supports!

Take care & stay safe!


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