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Patchwork Wallet

Patchwork Travel Wallet

There are so many things you can make with 2.5" squares and it's my fave size to play with.  After making a few drawstring bags, I thought let me make a travel wallet! Since the pandemic started last year, I have not made travel wallets much. And patchwork one should be fun to make, right?

I'm using my own Safari Travel Wallet for this one. If you plan to make one, I pieced the patchwork panel 5 x 4. You have to adjust the length and width according to the pattern. And instead of using all-purpose interfacing, I used lightweight fusible interfacing and batting. This will make the wallet sturdier. 

In the interior, I used different prints of fabrics too and it really gives a fun one-of-a-kind look. Now, I wish I could travel! Let's hope and pray, we can start traveling without much worry! 

For the closure, normally I use a Kam snap button, but this time I used the sew-on magnetic snap! I am glad I bought a few before the Pandemic! I always stock up on bag hardware since we don't get it here. Bag making /quilting supplies and tools are hard to find in retail in India. So, I tend to buy in bulk whenever I get a chance.   


The photo below is of a lake on the way to my sons' school. Since the school started last week, I still feel very worried and uneasy but on one side, I feel that it is necessary for them to start going out and learning to be disciplined in following the Covid-19 protocols. We have not let them go on the school bus as yet, luckily the school is only 15 mins drive. So I enjoy my morning ride to drop them :).

Wild Cotton Tree

The wild cotton trees along the highway are blooming. Spring is here!  I hope you stay warm and well wherever you are!

Until next time, thank you for stopping by!

Happy Sewing

- Elvira -

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  1. The outside of the wallet looks so bright and cheery and it continues on the inside too. It looks like it is really functional also. Nothing wrong with stocking up on supplies when you see them or order them. I live 15 minutes from a big box fabric/craft store but I'd much rather shop in my supplies or stash than have to go to the store. Hopefully your children will be learning, happy, and safe back in school.

    1. Oh I envy you living near craft store! But yes, having a lot of supplies do help when suddenly ideas strike :)

  2. Pretty Travel Wallet, and great pattern. Good idea to have one for the future travels ;)

    1. Thank you! Hopefully we can travel again soon :)

  3. What a lovely wallet and a great pattern, I will surely keep a note on this in case I make another wallet. I wasn't so happy with my last one, but this looks to do everything. I do hope travels are soon for all of us! Thanks for linking to TGIFF!

    1. Thank you Kathleen! Yes, I hope we can travel freely soon once the vaccination drive is successful. Amen :)


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