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NEW 3D Face Mask Pattern

Get the Pattern in Etsy

Summer is here and the weather is started to get very humid. Hubby was asking if I can make mask which has more breathing space then the first one. Since in his line of work he has to meet many clients which mean he has to wear it for quite a long time, he needs a face covering that allow him to breath more comfortably and not easily slip off while he's talking. So after a few trials and errors, finally this pattern is ready. 

This TRIO Face Mask  features :
  • Designed to fit well even without nose wire. 
  • To fit snugly over the nose and under the chin, that even when you talk it won't slip off your face. 
  • More space for ease of breathing and make you feel comfortable when you talk or sing :)
  • 3 Sizes with full-scale templates included. 

I suggest using tightly woven cotton fabrics (like quilting cotton, cambric, poplin, etc). This face mask is designed without filter pocket. Although you can easily make one using this tutorial. 

I hope this pattern will help those who has problem wearing other type of masks. if you sew, get the pattern and make a few for your loved ones. Let them enjoy summer while being protected. Let's protect each other in this difficult time. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Take care & Stay Safe

- Elvira - 

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