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How to Make Face Shield or Face Guard - Free Pdf Pattern

I got a message from my sister in Indonesia that she needs face shield and asked me if I know someone who make and sell them. At this time like this, I wish I could make for her and my family back home. But we live so far away from each other. 

I told her it's easy to make one but then I am the only one who can sew (and my mom but she doesn't do much sewing nowadays).

So today, I am sharing this super easy tutorial for those who may need it to protect themselves and their families.

It's super easy and quick sew. I put together a PDF File with templates for you to download.
I used a thick (maybe around 0.8 mm) clear vinyl, the one that usually used for table covering. You can off course upcycle clear vinyl from new duvet or bed sheet  packaging, etc. The bias binding around the vinyl will stabilize it, if your vinyl is not thick enough. 

I showed my SIL and she loved it. She wanted few for her Lab staff. I hope, I can get the vinyl as government has allowed certain business activities from tomorrow. Or else I have to wait until lock down is over on 3rd May. 

The face shield really remind me of Korean Ahjumma visors ^^. When I showed it to my friend, Eva, she said she needs one to use when she peels/cut onions. Well, now I guess I need one too ^^. 

Any way, I hope you like the tutorial. Please download the pattern using the link below. 

Thank you for your continued supports!
Take Care & Stay Well

- Elvira - 

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  1. Wow,that's awesome, thank you for sharing, 💕

    1. Thank you Anna, I hope it will benefit you :)

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  3. Thanks for sharing this pattern. I feel like, however, as a wearer of glasses, this shield will interfere with those and be really close to my face. Any thoughts??

    1. Thank you Sheryl for stopping by. The idea for the shield is for extra protection while going out. As I see many - esp in Asian countries- are using it when they go out to the market, esp when social distancing cannot be maintained. IMHO, if you're wearing glasses and mask, you won't need the shield, since your eyes are already protected by your glasses.


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