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Pattern Testing - Myra Shopping Tote

The past few months I've been collecting and learning about vinyl and leatherette. There are so many names and quality. I bought few online and also locally from furnishing shop. Some of them are quite expensive but really have a luxury feel about it. And when Namrata is releasing new pattern, I'm jumping at the chance to test the Myra Shopping Tote. 

The pattern is very easy and quick sew. As usual her instructions are very clear and straightforward. If you're concerned about printing too many pieces of pattern, worry now, cos she also provide measurements for rectangular and square pieces. I literally only need 3 pieces of paper to print. 

The size is perfect for a tote and you can choose either to make a sturdy one or a floppy one like mine here. I only added stabilizer at the bottom to give it a little shape. And look at how spacious it is. By the way, finally I am able to use the Palm tree print!! It's a mud cloth or we call it Daboo in India. I still have few yards in the Shop

If you're a beginner bag maker and want to upgrade your skill, go ahead and get the PDF pattern from this link : 


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