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Free Pattern : Pleated Mask with Filter Pocket

Thank you so much for your overwhelmed response for my mask tutorial/pattern. That was pretty simple one. Many asked me to make pleated mask with pocket for filter which is very necessary especially during this COVID19 Pandemic. 

In the past few days I've been making mask (with and without filter) for family, friends and people around me. Masks is not available now and hence people resort in fabric mask. I'm very touched reading so many stories of our sewing community come together and donating mask to the hospital. I am donating few to nursing home near my house, they have been a great help for us for years. It's time to show our support to those who are on the front line. 


I got few questions regarding the pocket esp from beginners, so here's the easier way to do it. I just use screen shot here, which I hope clear enough. I already updated the file on the shops, so if you download it on 27th March at 10PM IST you should get the new one. If not, feel free to download again or simply save the photos here:

Feel free to email me if you have any doubts :)

I hope this pattern will be beneficial for you all. I will try to add video as soon as I get time to edit it. meanwhile,you can simply click the button below and download the pattern. 

Thank you for stopping by & take care!


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