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Free Pattern : Pleated Mask with Filter Pocket

Thank you so much for your overwhelmed response to my mask tutorial/pattern. That was a pretty simple one. Many asked me to make a pleated mask with a pocket for a filter which is very necessary especially during this COVID19 Pandemic. 

In the past few days I've been making masks (with and without filter) for family, friends, and people around me. Masks are not available now and hence people resort in fabric masks. I'm very touched reading so many stories of our sewing community come together and donating masks to the hospital. I am donating a few to a nursing home near my house, they have been a great help for us for years. It's time to show our support to those who are on the front line. 

How to Wear Mask with Ties:
Here my son demonstrates how to wear a mask with ties


I got a few questions regarding the pocket esp from beginners, so here's the easier way to do it. I just use a screenshot here, which I hope clear enough. I already updated the file in the shops, so if you download it on 27th March at 10PM IST you should get the new one. If not, feel free to download again or simply save the photos here:

Feel free to email me if you have any doubts :)

I hope this pattern will be beneficial for you all. I will try to add video as soon as I get time to edit it. meanwhile,you can simply click the button below and download the pattern. 

Thank you for stopping by & take care!


Other Masks Patterns:

3D Fabric Mask With Filter Pocket Pdf Pattern with Video

I've been working on this mask for a couple of weeks. I tried different model but not really happy. I want the mask that leave a little space in between for ease of breathing. Especially for mask that I wear when I go out, since I usually layer it with tissue. At home, while doing my chores, I wear the surgical type mask. So, I came up with this easy to sew 3D mask. 

Mask with Crochet Cord 

I realize that your nose shape play important role here, when you make mask without nose wire. Because nose wire is not easily available here,  I have to come up with something else. My younger son who has long /sharp nose, said he likes this fit best, because it doesn't make him feel suffocated :D. Here's my pictures wearing the mask (my sons refused to be my model -_-). 

Kids Size Mask
Filter Pocket at the back

I'd suggest tight woven fabric, especially for the exterior and softer cotton for the lining. Layer of Tissue or non woven fabric  will help in filtering. (Read this article).

The pattern has 2 sizes for Adult and Kids
Adult Size : 7.5" W x 5.5" H
Kids Size : 6" W x 4.5" H

The Pattern is available in ETSY as well as on  Payhip 


I just added a video tutorial how to make this mask: 

Thank you for stopping by! Please take care of your health and stay safe!

- Elvira - 

Pattern Testing - Myra Shopping Tote

The past few months I've been collecting and learning about vinyl and leatherette. There are so many names and quality. I bought few online and also locally from furnishing shop. Some of them are quite expensive but really have a luxury feel about it. And when Namrata is releasing new pattern, I'm jumping at the chance to test the Myra Shopping Tote. 

The pattern is very easy and quick sew. As usual her instructions are very clear and straightforward. If you're concerned about printing too many pieces of pattern, worry now, cos she also provide measurements for rectangular and square pieces. I literally only need 3 pieces of paper to print. 

The size is perfect for a tote and you can choose either to make a sturdy one or a floppy one like mine here. I only added stabilizer at the bottom to give it a little shape. And look at how spacious it is. By the way, finally I am able to use the Palm tree print!! It's a mud cloth or we call it Daboo in India. I still have few yards in the Shop

If you're a beginner bag maker and want to upgrade your skill, go ahead and get the PDF pattern from this link : 


Thank you for stopping by! 

Have a nice day,

- Elvira - 

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