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Free Pattern - DIY Dust Mask

Winter in my place means dry and dusty. It's time to make dust mask again. This time I share how to make surgical mask type. It's super duper easy.

All you need is :
- 2 pieces of fabrics - 7.5" W x 6" H
- 2 pieces of binding strip - 1.75" w x 5" H
- 10" Long Elastic Cord

  Although cloth face mask may not be as effective as N95 mask in filtering fine dust, but it is better than nothing. I'd suggest to add a layer of folded tissue paper when you wear the mask, which I believe can screen as much as 75% of dust particles, according to THIS report. I'd suggest to use tight woven fabric for better result.

I'd also suggest to wash the cloth mask everyday after your use it. It's always better to make a few, especially if you're highly allergic to dust and pollen. I hope this little bit of information will be helpful for you. 

You can download the full PDF Version below  and start making.

Happy Sewing! 

- Elvira - 


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