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Snappy Pouches

I need something to keep my wonder clips then I saw several tutorial about this snappy mini pouch. There are several technique to do it but I found this one the easiest.  (thank you Nancy-ssi for the tutorial)

I use my own measurements for this. Since it's pretty small, I decided to make several. It's always nice to have one handy for gifting, right? The blue cat  print is leftover from a passport wallet I did for a customer a few months ago. I thought I'd cut and added into my pre cut bin, but it was big enough to make this pouch :D

The blue and green is Indian fabrics. The leaf print blue is a handloom fabric, also leftover from passport holder and the patchwork print was a gift from a friend. 

The pouch is very cute and we can use it to keep many things, coins (the most popular), sewing kits , or like me to keep my wonder clips:)

I keep the other two for gift. 

It's always nice to learn something new, right?   Here's the video in case you want to make one too: 

Happy Sewing ^^

- Elvira -

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