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Scrap Buster Challenge

I mentioned in my previous post that I started another quilt after organizing my scraps. Since the beginning of the new year, I've been on the process of sorting out my scraps. So far I cut orange, yellow, pink, red and low volume. 

I always love scrappy yet structured quilts and the easiest will be log cabin. Though I love making scrappy log cabin (like THIS ONE), I always want to make something else. I realized I love small squares, esp 2.5" and 2" and always drooling over those postage stamp quilts on Instagram and Pinterest. Hmm, maybe this time I will be able to make one too.

This year, there are a lot of quilters are doing scrap/stash buster challenge on Facebook and Instagram! If you want to tackle your scraps this year, just enroll on one of them! Well, I did sign up for Pat Sloan Stash Buster Challenge Traffic Jam and I'm still cutting up my squares. I made 4 trial blocks but I think I'm going to change the background color.

I started Granny Squares quilt too from the scraps that I already cut. Oh, I have so many plan in my head already! Many times I have to remind my self to go easy and do one block at a time LOL. I'm not racing with anyone here. I just want to enjoy this process

If you see the picture above, I have 4 blocks of Granny Squares which used scrappy prints in single color. Those were my trial blocks and after looking into so many GS quilts in Pinterest I think, I prefer using 2 prints on white background. I think I will make a cushion cover with the initial 4 blocks. Each block is almost 9" squares, so it will make a nice 18"pillow case, right? Oh I am so excited! 

So far, I am filling up 3 plastic containers. Two of them for 2.5", 2" , 3" and 3.5" squares. For 4" and 5" squares I keep them in another container. It's so satisfying to see all those squares neatly stored ^^. 

If you want to start organizing your scraps, here's few of my tips
1. Sort your scraps by color first. Use the background color or the dominant color(if it's big print) as to determine the color group. 
2. Iron and starch (if necessary) the fabrics.
2. Cut your favorite size first.
3. If you're not sure, you can cut into 5" and 4". I find those size is versatile. You can make 2.5" squares from 5" and 2" from 4". Those size is great to make Half Square Triangle too. 
5. If you don't have big container, put them in shoe boxes by stacking them. That way, your pieces are always ready to use. I used to keep them in sealed plastic but they get crushed and I have to iron them again :D. 
6. Put on your fave show or music. Trust me, this cutting business is fun but tiring. But it will be so worth it!! 

This is going to be FUN year!! 

Happy Sewing

- Elvira-

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