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Musical Night - Cadenza 5th Edition

This past weeks have been pretty busy and I was not well for a couple of days too. The weather suddenly become colder again and dry. 
My son's 2nd recital with Cadenza was successful and I'm very proud of him and all the Cadenza Team. A special thank you to Mrs. Promiti Phukan for her dedication and patience with the children. The special performance from Writam Changkakoti was fabulous and of course Nise Meruno and Thunglamo Ngullie were fantastic! 
The concert went off very well and we really enjoyed it. Even though it was suddenly raining, but the house was full! All the children performed  flawlessly. The past 3 months or so rehearsal were worth it! 
I will upload more videos of the event on my YouTube Channel. Meanwhile here is my son's performance Libertango Piano Duet 

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Have a nice day~

~Elvira ~

Mini Travel Wallet with Zipper Closure

When you get new zipper foot, you have to make another zip around wallet. This time I made mini travel wallet!

Well, I don't like changing foot while I am sewing, but sometimes it's worth the effort. Trust me. It's easier to sew zip around wallet with zipper foot. 
And unlike domestic foot, industrial machine foot is slimmer which make sewing zipper is smaller space is much easier. 

Get the Pattern on Etsy
It turned out neater even though I still don't like the foot changing part. LOL. 
 I really love this! The wallet turned out super cute. What do you think?
The wallet is available in  HERE (psst it's free shipping!) and if you want to try making the wallet yourself, you can get the pattern in my ETSY shop or my WEBSHOP. The original pattern is without the zipper though. but you can follow the tutorial HERE

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Happy Sewing

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Scooter Family Travel Wallet with Zipper Closure

Don't you love this cute scooter print? I got the fabric from Indonesia few summers ago! i knew then this fabric would be great for travel wallet. Don't you think? I decided to go minimalist with color and I love how this turned out. 

I am thinking of making improvement for the family passport wallet pattern. I tried to record a video as I was working on this wallet, but it was not so good. I will try to record another one when I make my next wallet. I still have the video , if any of you need it urgently, you can email me after you purchase the pattern.  

Meanwhile this wallet is ready to ship and  available on my Etsy shop. If you want to make your own you can get the pattern on my Webshop or Etsy  You can find the additional Zip Around Closure tutorial HERE
I hope I can post the video soon. Now I gotta go. Today is the eldest son second concert with Cadenza! We're all so excited. 

Until next time,

Have a nice day!


Small Travel Wallet and Social Media

I made another mini travel wallet from THIS Pattern and this time with the improvisation based on this tutorial. 
This is one of my fave combo. I am using handloom and block print fabric here. If you have not tried the handloom a.k.a shot cotton, maybe you should. They have unique colors! Like the blue fabric in this wallet, has a shade of purple.

Anyway, recently I read this blog post at Sew Can Do where she was saying she's leaving social media. I had my share of problem with Facebook and Instagram too, like I wrote in this Post. I absolutely agree with her that we're at their (i.e social media) mercy. We never know when our page will suddenly disappear without rhyme or reason. As always, it's better not to put your eggs in one basket, right? 

saw this on Facebook :P

What do you say? What's your experiences with social media? Let me know in the comment below! 

Until next time,

Happy Sewing 

- Elvira -


Scrappy Patchwork Pouch

Another scrappy patchwork but this time it's a flat pouch!! I made few quilt as you go pouch few weeks ago from the scrap bag I keep near my sewing machine. The bag is overflowing with my recent scraps now and waiting to be sorted out. 

I took out a bunch and started playing with it for fun. I made 4 scrappy blocks and each is around 5" squares. And since I got new faux leather sheets, I decided to try to combine it. 

I use cotton batting, a scrap batting from my flying geese quilt and quilt it around 1/4" apart. I really love the effect of dense quilting on the pouch. I used high grade faux leather here. The color is almost salmon pink, a bit darker.

I added small slip pocket inside. I love the cute bear print lining. I found it in my stash! So glad to finally use it. 

I added this pretty pouch in the SHOP in case you want it ^^. The pouch dimension is 8.5" W x 5.5" H.

Working with patchwork is really fun, especially scrappy one. If you have orphan block lying around and want to try your hand on making patchwork bag, you might want to try THIS PATTERN.

Thank you for stopping by!

Happy Sewing,

- Elvira - 


Snappy Pouches

I need something to keep my wonder clips then I saw several tutorial about this snappy mini pouch. There are several technique to do it but I found this one the easiest.  (thank you Nancy-ssi for the tutorial)

I use my own measurements for this. Since it's pretty small, I decided to make several. It's always nice to have one handy for gifting, right? The blue cat  print is leftover from a passport wallet I did for a customer a few months ago. I thought I'd cut and added into my pre cut bin, but it was big enough to make this pouch :D

The blue and green is Indian fabrics. The leaf print blue is a handloom fabric, also leftover from passport holder and the patchwork print was a gift from a friend. 

The pouch is very cute and we can use it to keep many things, coins (the most popular), sewing kits , or like me to keep my wonder clips:)

I keep the other two for gift. 

It's always nice to learn something new, right?   Here's the video in case you want to make one too: 

Happy Sewing ^^

- Elvira -

Granny Squares Quilt Progress


Just a quick update on my Granny Squares. I added 4  blocks yesterday. Yay! It feels so good to see all those blocks together. I don't have a design wall, so I made a makeshift wall by hanging a piece of batting on my curtain rod . Sometimes I just leave it there for days that my MIL thought I have a new curtain. Well, that's not a bad idea! 

The picture above was from last week after I added the blue and orange blocks. I kinda like  the blue stripes one. I have same stripe in red and yellow. Maybe I will make another blocks with those 2 colors. 

My scraps are not all of the same weight, mostly local fabrics that I bought more than a decade ago when I started sewing and making dresses. They bring back memories when I used to passionately try different kind of sewing craft, sewing technique, getting to know different kind of cotton fabrics, etc. All these fabrics are part of my sewing journey and I am glad I don't throw them away because they will be part of the quilt that I'm making. Some of them I bought from a small shop in the market before the market was gutted by fire few years ago. Now I wonder if the old man still have the shop! 

So, anyone else doing scrap buster this year? Leave your comment and link below, I'd love to see your projects!

Until next time,
Happy Sewing

- Elvira- 


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Scrap Buster Challenge

I mentioned in my previous post that I started another quilt after organizing my scraps. Since the beginning of the new year, I've been on the process of sorting out my scraps. So far I cut orange, yellow, pink, red and low volume. 

I always love scrappy yet structured quilts and the easiest will be log cabin. Though I love making scrappy log cabin (like THIS ONE), I always want to make something else. I realized I love small squares, esp 2.5" and 2" and always drooling over those postage stamp quilts on Instagram and Pinterest. Hmm, maybe this time I will be able to make one too.

This year, there are a lot of quilters are doing scrap/stash buster challenge on Facebook and Instagram! If you want to tackle your scraps this year, just enroll on one of them! Well, I did sign up for Pat Sloan Stash Buster Challenge Traffic Jam and I'm still cutting up my squares. I made 4 trial blocks but I think I'm going to change the background color.

I started Granny Squares quilt too from the scraps that I already cut. Oh, I have so many plan in my head already! Many times I have to remind my self to go easy and do one block at a time LOL. I'm not racing with anyone here. I just want to enjoy this process

If you see the picture above, I have 4 blocks of Granny Squares which used scrappy prints in single color. Those were my trial blocks and after looking into so many GS quilts in Pinterest I think, I prefer using 2 prints on white background. I think I will make a cushion cover with the initial 4 blocks. Each block is almost 9" squares, so it will make a nice 18"pillow case, right? Oh I am so excited! 

So far, I am filling up 3 plastic containers. Two of them for 2.5", 2" , 3" and 3.5" squares. For 4" and 5" squares I keep them in another container. It's so satisfying to see all those squares neatly stored ^^. 

If you want to start organizing your scraps, here's few of my tips
1. Sort your scraps by color first. Use the background color or the dominant color(if it's big print) as to determine the color group. 
2. Iron and starch (if necessary) the fabrics.
2. Cut your favorite size first.
3. If you're not sure, you can cut into 5" and 4". I find those size is versatile. You can make 2.5" squares from 5" and 2" from 4". Those size is great to make Half Square Triangle too. 
5. If you don't have big container, put them in shoe boxes by stacking them. That way, your pieces are always ready to use. I used to keep them in sealed plastic but they get crushed and I have to iron them again :D. 
6. Put on your fave show or music. Trust me, this cutting business is fun but tiring. But it will be so worth it!! 

This is going to be FUN year!! 

Happy Sewing

- Elvira-

Passport Wallet Pattern Improvisation

Hello again,

I made this Mini Passport Wallet few weeks ago. This is an improvisation from the original pattern. This time I used faux leather and I really love how this turned out.

Ok, let's start!
First you have to download the Passport Cover Pattern from ETSY or HERE
You also need BIAS BINDING strip(around 10 inch long or so). 

Take the card slot base and cut the fabrics and interfacing by 1/2" and draw a curve on the TOP RIGHT corner only. Now, place the card slot as per pattern instructions on the card slot base. From the reverse side, attach the bias binding. Go easy on the curve and do not pull the binding. 

Snip along the curve, be careful not to cut the stitches :D

Fold the binding over the raw edge of the card base and pin in place

Carefully stitch the binding edge. Now your card slot is ready to be assembled. 

Finish the wallet as per the pattern:) It's super duper easy, right?

 I use all purpose interfacing for the faux leather to stabilize the stretchy leather.
I've been experimenting with faux leather in the past few weeks. I bought high grade FL from local shop and oh I love the colors they have!! I will show you soon. 

Do tag me using #chezviespatterns when you're posting on social media, or tag my INSTAGRAM account. I'd really love to see your creations! 

Happy Sewing!!

- Elvira - 

First Quilt of the Decade Ground Cover Quilt Top

Hello everyone, 
I hope your new decade started with a bang! Well, though political situation still pretty tense, but the show must go on, right. The school was forcefully shut for 3 weeks in December here in my city,which made all plan went awry. The elder son pre board exam was postpone to January (just finished yesterday). Besides, he will participate in the Cadenza concert again, Insha Allah on 19th January. So these few days I've been busy taking him to his practice. Wish us luck!

On sewing front, I'm taking a break for custom order until maybe March and will slow down a bit to rethink and re focus! 

I started the new year with a bang tho. I finish a  quilt top!! woohoo!. After watching this Ground Cover quilt tutorial from MSQC on Youtube, I know I must make it. The fabrics are leftover from my wallet and bag making. I used to cut several set of fabrics for passport wallet and it turned out I always make wallet from different fabrics. Lesson learnt!
It took me 2 days just to make the layer cake! But once everything is cut, sewing them doesn't take much time. 

I also started to sort out my overwhelming scraps! well, it takes a LOT of TIME to iron them and them cut them into usable sizes but it's so worth it when you see them neatly in the box! I went to Fancy Bazaar especially to get the boxes, they are around INR 250 each! 

I am cutting by colors, since I already sorted them out in colors, it's easier just to pick up one bucket and start ironing them. I already started another quilt project, and Insha Allah I will write the progress in my next blog post!

My sewing room is in a big mess right now but I'm happy that my fabric scraps are turning into something! I will send the top to be quilted as soon as I found a matching backing fabric which I like. 

Well, we can say that's my resolution this year! Let see!

Thank you for visiting & reading my blog! 

Until next time,

Happy Sewing!!

~ Elvira~


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