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A Little Recap

I came across this quote in Pinterest and I simply have to share it! It reminds me of my early years of learning sewing. Then, there was no Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. There was Crafter though and also Blog was a new thing. I learned so much from many people around the world and I'm very grateful for those who generously shared their sewing knowledge. Yes, I am a firm believer of sharing is caring! When you teach, you learn more. 


I got pretty calendar from my dear friend Manisha featuring her original painting print. You must check her Instagram to see the beautiful flowers she painted. They are the prettiest!! 

Finally I framed these postcards I got from my trip to Hida No Sato (Hida Folk Village), Takayama two years ago! I found a lightweight frames from Amazon and they are just perfect! I love collecting postcards from places I visited, besides the usual fridge magnet. These postcards came in a pack. The painting is so cute that I simply had to buy it! What's your fave souvenirs to buy?

Throwback - Hida no Sato January 2017


This is a sneak peak of my next pattern which Insha Allah will be available on 28th November. It still on testing stage now! I learned one thing while writing the pattern, that you don't need fancy software to write and draw a good pattern. I'm inspired by the Michael Angelo of Microsoft Excel on YouTube.

 Let me know what do you think after watching the video!

Thank you for stopping by!

Have a nice day!


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