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Orphan Block Wall Decor Idea

One of the most precious gifts we have is time. If we only knew how much time we had left in this world, we wouldn’t get distracted and lose focus, wasting our energy and attention on useless, pointless, meaningless things. Wake up before it’s too late! ~ Mufti Menk

Orphan block in the hoop. I kinda like it !
I have a few orphan blocks and this is one of them. For now let it be on the hoop until I get better ideas.

I made this block as I made the previous ones, but this is from my recent scraps. There are tula pink from this Tula Pink Wallet and also Olaf print from this Mini Sling bag. The stripes are from leftover binding strips and the florals are from bifold wallet (here and here)

Scrap is always full of sweet memories. 

Have a nice day!


  1. Such a simple idea and it looks really sweet! I am going to flatter you with imitation and copy this one. I really like it and it takes no time at all. :-) Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thank you Bernie! Yay..I am looking forward to see your pretty orphan blocks :)

  2. Super cute idea for sprucing up our sewing spaces!!

  3. Great idea - ideal for those small wall spaces above a switch or panel. I always have orphan blocks!


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