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Tokyo Discovery Day 2

The previous day, we went to Swany and I bought a few half yard cuts mostly suitable for making wallets and bags. The shop has 3 sections in different floor, but since it was almost closing time, we only explored the 2nd floor which mainly section for bag making. And if your purchase is more than certain amount, you could get any bag pattern for free.Yes, the pattern for all those bags that are on display!

Swany Yokohama
 On Day 2, we wanted to visit Country Quilt Market fabric shop. But first, in the morning we visited Inokashira Park near Kichijoji Station. The park is huge with many recreational facilities, a shrine, zoo and pond. The area around the Kichijoji station is really worth checking out. Many antique and vintage shops, cafe shop with interesting design. I think it's called for the second visit and hopefully in different season ;)

Inokashira Park

From Kichijoji station we headed to Country Quilt Market in Nishi Ogikubo.  It's a little fabric heaven! I say, they have my kind of print and colors!! It's a 2 storey shop. On the ground floor, mainly fabrics from pre cut to yardage. On the 1st floor, they have laces, button and liberty fabrics. I had to hold on my wallet extra tight here. LOL

Country Quilt Market

They also have a small room where classes are happening. I can easily spend a day in this shop!
The owners are super nice and they even gave us a free ticket to Tokyo Quilt Show. Opening ceremony tickets! Thank you so much!!!

At Country Quilt Market

I love the Hexies Tile 

We had an appointment to meet mbak Sari from Handcraftku at lunch time, so we had to leave the shop but not without filling out small suitcase with lovely fabrics! 

Indonesian Halal Food!! at Bintang Bali 

Love the Roof at Okubo Station
After lunch, we planned to go to another Patchwork Show which according to the post we saw on Facebook was happening in Tokyo Hilton. We supposed to catch the shuttle bus from Shinjuku station but we got lost in Shinjuku LOL. Who doesn't?? We could not find the Shuttle bus stand!! Anyway, it was not meant to be, but there was an interesting story related to this when we were in Osaka. That will be in my next post!!

Alright, if you're a muslim traveller and looking for a praying room, there was one in Takashimaya Shinjuku. The room is quite spacious and we spent few mins here to read our prayers. 

Since the Hilton plan failed and we were in Shinjuku we decided might as well we go to Okadaya. The best thing about Okadaya is they have everything craft related from Quilting, embroidery, knitting, crochet, etc! and plenty of fabrics!! 

Stay tuned for next post about The Great International Tokyo Quilt Festival. 

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