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Tokyo Discovery Day 1

Hello March!

I know it's been almost 2 months since I've written my last blog post. Life has been a bit hectic after I came back from my Japan trip. Custom orders, the boys exam, etc. Now the boys are on their way to Delhi for the Cricket Exposure trip and I guess it's good time to catch up on the blog posts and sorting out photos. 

 For those who followed me in Instagram, you must have seen a few stories and photos I shared. 
This time, we decided to be an early bird. Everyday we would go out early and explore as much as we can. We went to visit few fabric shops, parks and museum. 

Here's the summary of my Tokyo Visit (click the link under the photo to see more pictures)

Ueno Park 
 That was me and my luisa bag in Ueno Park. We went early to visit Ueno park while waiting for Amuse Boro Museum to open. 

If you're a textile enthusiast, you must visit this Amuse Boro Museum which is just outside the East Gate of Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo

We spent more than 2 hours in the museum and it was not a big museum! The history behind each pieces that was displayed and looking at hundred years of quilts was just an amazing experience. Let the photos tell you the story. 

Vintage Boro Quilts
Vintage Boro Cloth

There are theatre showing the history of boro cloth too on the top floor and there was exhibition hall/ shop on the ground floor. We passed through the museum during our last visit, but it just didn't strike us that it was the Boro Museum. I mean, when you see sign "Amuse Museum" you will think of something futuristic, right? And on the ground floor being the shop, we thought it was just souvenir shop! 

the view from the Boro Museum terrace 

From Boro Museum we went to have lunch at Halal Naritaya which actually on the opposite gate (west gate), but somehow the google map take us for a ride and we go around from the Sensoji Temple main gate. If you're in Asakusa and looking for halal ramen, you might want to visit it. 

From Asakusa, we went all the way to Yokohama to check out Swany Fabric Store. I will write another blog about our fabric shopping adventures. So stay tuned!!

Swany Yokohama


That was our Day 1 in Tokyo! 

Stay Tuned for the next day! 

Thank you for stopping by,

Have a nice day!


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