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Tokyo Discovery Day 2

The previous day, we went to Swany and I bought a few half yard cuts mostly suitable for making wallets and bags. The shop has 3 sections in different floor, but since it was almost closing time, we only explored the 2nd floor which mainly section for bag making. And if your purchase is more than certain amount, you could get any bag pattern for free.Yes, the pattern for all those bags that are on display!

Swany Yokohama
 On Day 2, we wanted to visit Country Quilt Market fabric shop. But first, in the morning we visited Inokashira Park near Kichijoji Station. The park is huge with many recreational facilities, a shrine, zoo and pond. The area around the Kichijoji station is really worth checking out. Many antique and vintage shops, cafe shop with interesting design. I think it's called for the second visit and hopefully in different season ;)

Inokashira Park

From Kichijoji station we headed to Country Quilt Market in Nishi Ogikubo.  It's a little fabric heaven! I say, they have my kind of print and colors!! It's a 2 storey shop. On the ground floor, mainly fabrics from pre cut to yardage. On the 1st floor, they have laces, button and liberty fabrics. I had to hold on my wallet extra tight here. LOL

Country Quilt Market

They also have a small room where classes are happening. I can easily spend a day in this shop!
The owners are super nice and they even gave us a free ticket to Tokyo Quilt Show. Opening ceremony tickets! Thank you so much!!!

At Country Quilt Market

I love the Hexies Tile 

We had an appointment to meet mbak Sari from Handcraftku at lunch time, so we had to leave the shop but not without filling out small suitcase with lovely fabrics! 

Indonesian Halal Food!! at Bintang Bali 

Love the Roof at Okubo Station
After lunch, we planned to go to another Patchwork Show which according to the post we saw on Facebook was happening in Tokyo Hilton. We supposed to catch the shuttle bus from Shinjuku station but we got lost in Shinjuku LOL. Who doesn't?? We could not find the Shuttle bus stand!! Anyway, it was not meant to be, but there was an interesting story related to this when we were in Osaka. That will be in my next post!!

Alright, if you're a muslim traveller and looking for a praying room, there was one in Takashimaya Shinjuku. The room is quite spacious and we spent few mins here to read our prayers. 

Since the Hilton plan failed and we were in Shinjuku we decided might as well we go to Okadaya. The best thing about Okadaya is they have everything craft related from Quilting, embroidery, knitting, crochet, etc! and plenty of fabrics!! 

Stay tuned for next post about The Great International Tokyo Quilt Festival. 

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Tokyo Discovery Day 1

Hello March!

I know it's been almost 2 months since I've written my last blog post. Life has been a bit hectic after I came back from my Japan trip. Custom orders, the boys exam, etc. Now the boys are on their way to Delhi for the Cricket Exposure trip and I guess it's good time to catch up on the blog posts and sorting out photos. 

 For those who followed me in Instagram, you must have seen a few stories and photos I shared. 
This time, we decided to be an early bird. Everyday we would go out early and explore as much as we can. We went to visit few fabric shops, parks and museum. 

Here's the summary of my Tokyo Visit (click the link under the photo to see more pictures)

Ueno Park 
 That was me and my luisa bag in Ueno Park. We went early to visit Ueno park while waiting for Amuse Boro Museum to open. 

If you're a textile enthusiast, you must visit this Amuse Boro Museum which is just outside the East Gate of Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo

We spent more than 2 hours in the museum and it was not a big museum! The history behind each pieces that was displayed and looking at hundred years of quilts was just an amazing experience. Let the photos tell you the story. 

Vintage Boro Quilts
Vintage Boro Cloth

There are theatre showing the history of boro cloth too on the top floor and there was exhibition hall/ shop on the ground floor. We passed through the museum during our last visit, but it just didn't strike us that it was the Boro Museum. I mean, when you see sign "Amuse Museum" you will think of something futuristic, right? And on the ground floor being the shop, we thought it was just souvenir shop! 

the view from the Boro Museum terrace 

From Boro Museum we went to have lunch at Halal Naritaya which actually on the opposite gate (west gate), but somehow the google map take us for a ride and we go around from the Sensoji Temple main gate. If you're in Asakusa and looking for halal ramen, you might want to visit it. 

From Asakusa, we went all the way to Yokohama to check out Swany Fabric Store. I will write another blog about our fabric shopping adventures. So stay tuned!!

Swany Yokohama


That was our Day 1 in Tokyo! 

Stay Tuned for the next day! 

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A Kaleidoscope Bag and a Matching Wallet

The best thing about being bag maker is that you can make your dream bag! You can decide every details of the bag, whether you're using your self draft pattern or bought pattern from indie designers. 

In my case, I finally found the bag that is perfect for  me. The Luisa bag pattern from Sotak Handmade. I made the indigo block print bag last week, you can see it HERE and yesterday, I made this Kaleidoscope patchwork version.

I am so in love with this one that I parade it around the house. Today the weather was nice and bright just the perfect time to click few pictures. This patchwork version has different design on each side. 

My BFF Winda gave me the kaleidoscope block kit, I made this pouch earlier and have lots of fabrics left enough to make few more blocks.  

The kaleidoscope pocket is slightly higher than the original pattern but it turned out to be a perfect depth. 

As for the front of the bag, I have this panel fat quarter fabric. I forgot where I got it from but the color is just perfect for it. I must say, this bag is the fastest bag I made, in terms of choosing the fabrics. The grey fabric was also from Winda and the contrast red fabric was a gift from Mbak Tia when she went to Seoul last year. Thank you, girls <3 

And of course I have to make a matching wallet, right? 

A slim and minimalist wallet with 8 card slots and 4 slip pockets. It's based on the Passport Cover Pattern. No zipper pocket though. Now, both are ready for the trip and I better finish my packing! Japan, bring it on!! 

PS: Follow my Instagram for behind the scene stories ;) 

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Pattern Testing - Amara Tote Bag

Last week, I finished testing Namrata of Bagstock Design new pattern, Amara Tote & Handbag. 
The pattern has 2 sizes and I decided to make the Tote size. I have this pretty linen block print and this is just a perfect project for it. I used black ish denim as contrast. 

image 0
Block Print Linen

Making a big bag always makes me nervous. What if I cut it wrong and I don't have the fabric? And sure enough I cut the back panel wrong this time too!! Luckily I have more than enough fabric to cut another one. 

Amara bag is a breeze to make and Namrata's instruction is always clear with lots of pictures. The many pieces of pattern might be a little intimidating at first, but like a puzzle when everything starts fall into place, you'll feel joy of accomplishment!

I used tamil letters print fabric for the interior which I think matched perfectly. As the contrast I used denim instead of leather. There are plenty room for improvisation if you're a seasoned bag maker. 

The Tote size is very generous and it has plenty interior pockets and one big exterior pockets. The size is perfect for office bag, travel tote or even as diapers bag. 

Amara Tote and Handbag features:
An exterior zipper pocket
Two interior slip pockets
Two interior side slip pockets
Two pen slip pockets inside
An interior zipper pocket
A zip top closure to keep the bag's contents secure

You can get the pattern in Bagstock Designs Website or Etsy

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Happy Sewing

~ Elvira~

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Indigo Block Print Denim Bag


Alhamdulillah for a busy January. If you follow me in Instagram, you may noticed that I won't be taking custom orders this month. I like to take a break from custom orders from time to time to give myself a room for new ideas. I have a long list of sewing wishlist and one of them is this Luisa Crossbody bag. A pattern by Sotak Handmade. 

Beautiful Indigo Block Print

I wanted to make with Indigo blue fabrics and took out those three fabrics above. All are just beautiful and it was difficult for me to decide which one to work with first. After asking a few friends, we decided this middle indigo print would be the one and I loved how this turned out. I used dark blue denim as an accent fabric and decided to use ready made PU Leather strap. 

Denim & Block Print Bag

If you've been waiting to make this bag, you really should go ahead. I love the simplicity of Sotak Pattern and as usual it's always thoroughly written. 

Exterior Back Pocket

I made one change with the back exterior. The original pattern, it was two pockets but I found it's too small since I want to keep my phone in it. So I skipped the middle stitch and instead using the snap button to secure the pocket. In the pattern, the rivet was added for decorative purpose only. Now I have spacious exterior pocket for my phone!! Perfect!

Spacious Inside

The interior is very minimalist (which I love!) . The pattern called for interlining, in addition of the interfacing. I used a stiff fleece batting which I mostly used for bags nowadays and the result is sturdy bag that  can stand on its own but the interior is a bit snug. In a way it's good for me since it's quite padded. It's good to carry my camera.  

I think I'm quite organized and minimalist here lol. Those are the things that I usually carry everyday. The Doitrei Zipper Pouch is for my power bank, charging cable and headphone. The Zipper Tissue Pouch is for my tissue, lip balm, hand lotion and medicines (my anti allergy and indigestion tablets). Wet tissue packet, notebook and pen, small wallet and a mobile phone. I also keep small chocolates and sweets in the front pocket lol.

So that's my review of my first Luisa bag. I want to make a few more and trying different combination of interfacing/interlining. So excited!! 

Thank you for dropping by!

~ Elvira ~

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Craftsy News, Discount Code & Mini Zipper Pouches


Some of you might already heard about the current Craftsy changes and although I am one of the fortunate one to keep my shop, but now only one pattern is available in Craftsy. For those of you in India, you can always buy the pattern from my Webshop.  But those who are outside India, besides Etsy, now you can also purchase the pattern in my new Pattern Shop

So, that was about craftsy and on crafting side, I made a few zippy pouches for orders last week and made some extras too for the shop.  

Floral Mini Wallet

image 0
Brown Polkadot Pouch
These pouches are just addictive to make. They are great to carry around and to gift to your friends and family. I always keep few pouches around in case I need a gift for my friends. 
One thing I know, people love handmade gifts! No matter how small it is. 

Purple Dots 

I made these cute mini wallets using the Zipper Tissue Pouch Pattern which is super easy and fast to make. The buyers wanted a padded wallet, so I use a thin batting here. It's a bit tricky since it's very small. You can make a few for your handmade market or to give to your friends. 

It's on SALE in my  Payhip Store .Use the code NEWHIP20 to get 20% off. The offer valid through 12 January 2019. So hurry up and get yours now. 

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Doraemon and Floral Passport Covers

image 0
Doraemon Passport Cover
Who doesn't love Doraemon? He's smart, fun and full of ideas. My younger son still love watching Doraemon. Even I enjoyed watching the Hindi version, because that's how I picked up a few lines of Hindi. Sometimes I like to mimicking Nobita's Mom and my sons will rolled their eyes 0_0

 I was chatting with Shweta last week or so and I admired her neat machine binding. So I decided to try on these wallets. They turned out quite decent. What do you think? 

image 0
Peach Floral Passport Wallet
The key is same like any other binding, make sure that the fabric grain is straight before you cut the fabric. I used the same width as usual, 1.5" wide, and 1/4" seam allowance. While wrapping the binding over, make sure that it covers just a little bit over the stitch line, maybe around 1 or 2 mm but not more. Using lots of wonder clips will certainly help to hold the binding in place. Stitch as close to the edge as possible. That way, on the inner side of the wallet, the stitch will fall just along the fold. 

For the floral passport cover, I used shot cotton a.k.a handloom fabric for the lining and card slot. The color just matched perfectly with the green on the floral print. Most of the time, finding the right fabric combo is the longest process. It's like finding a soulmate ;-).

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Happy Sewing!

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Double Zip Wallet Video Clip

Yesterday I tried to made short video clip using my Sony A5100 for the first time. I usually used my trusted OnePlus 3 phone to take videos but using a proper camera is really different. 

I recorded the video is AVCHD format which later on I learned that it will create a huge size of file. I searched on YouTube and learned how to convert it to MP4 file. Bless those people who shares important tutorials!! That's one of the first thing I learned this year. Now my camera is set on MP4 and it will be easier to transfer videos directly to my phone!

If you're an online seller, you must have heard that Video is going to be the IN thing this year when it comes to SEO. If you have not started already, you might want to teach yourself to create short clips of your products. There are many apps in App Store and Play Store you can try and experimenting! Check out more of my video clips on my YouTube Channel and don't forget to subscribe ^^. 

Double Zip Wallet Pattern by Anna Graham of Noodlehead

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I hope you enjoy the short clip above. It's fun to learn new things!

Happy Crafting,

~ Elvira~

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