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Handpiecing Applecore Patchwork - WIP

It all started with this photo in pinterest and I just know I had to make one like that. I know applecore is challenging, but when you can't get it out of your head, you just have to do it, right? 

I bought the apple core template stamp from Tokyo last January, took out one of my jellyroll stock and got down to work. I started this project last September.

I must admit, the stamp really helps a lot. I hate tracing pattern or templates and for this one, it is quite small. But I love working with small pieces of fabrics. 

I searched for tutorials on how to do hand piecing for apple core but could not find one, so I just jumped in and started doing. At the beginning, it was all wonky but as I keep going, I am getting better :)

I always want to try hand piecing and  even though it's challenging, I find it calming. It's nice to be able to sit and steadily sewing without rushing. 

It's going to be another quilted bag and I almost finish with the first panel. I want to finish it at least by New Year or 1st week of January. 

A few tips for you who wants to start this apple core block is "clip the valley and notch the hill" . That will make the stitch line neat. I will take picture and share in the next post update! Let me know if anyone wants tutorial or video tutorial in the comment below. 

Ah, yesterday I showed hubby my progress, and he asked, "how much time  do you need to make that?"  and I said "16 episodes of Korean drama"  LOL.

Thank you for stopping by,

Happy Sewing!

~ Elvira ~

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