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Reversible and Foldable Fabric Storage Bin


Fabric storage bin is a great way to get your home organized. There are plenty tutorials you can find in Pinterest. This week, in between finishing my wallet orders, I made these fabric bins based on Japanese book I bought last year. 

 I always love browsing (and buying) Japanese books and magazines. They make simple things look so pretty! Nowadays, everything you can find online. And with pinterest, you can just pin stuff you love for ideas. But I find, books and magazines are still the best! In the sense, that we can easily go back to it, and read every details. Mark which project you'd love to do in the future.

reversible and foldable fabric box

We can slowly enjoy the book, while sipping our mid morning tea, without being distracted by "More like this" pictures ^_^.
Just like these storage bins, I was having my mid morning tea and picked up a couple of Japanese books. I needed storage boxes but the idea of buying plastic storage bins is out of the question. Because in the future when I don't need it anymore, it will be difficult to store them, right? 

Book Storage Organizer

I've been looking and watching lots of tutorials on fabric bins on the net, but when I see this particular one in the book, I felt so inspired that I got down to work immediately. 

Crochet Wool Storage

I decided to use denim, black and blue denim, which I had in my stash. Since denim is already thick, I put the interfacing only on the contrast fabrics. These storage bins are meant to be reversible so I chose some fun fabrics.

DVD Storage

The size is perfect to hold books, DVDs, or even craft supplies. I want to make more of these, maybe will try out a different sizes depends on my needs. I also added these storage bins for custom orders in my webshop .

So, what inspired you this week? 

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