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Five Patch Table Runner


I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do. - Leonardo Da Vinci

This week, I finished another table runner. It's made up from  3 five patch blocks with sashing and border. I used Indian fabrics for this runner because I simply love the colors. I always use spray starch while working with Indian voile fabrics, that way they are easier to sew. I was thinking to give a teal border but after auditioning several fabrics, I decided to go with the white. 

Green table runner

I'm happy with the result. When I work on a quilt, I tend to go with the flow. I don't always have the whole fabric chosen in the beginning. Hence it always takes me a long time to finish even a simple project. 

Reversible Table Decor

As for the backing fabric, I have this perfect green and teal cotton fabric. I really love the color. I quilted the middle block with echo quilting, the idea I get from Leah Day  And the 2 outer blocks, I did a grid line quilting. On the sashing and border, I traced the quilting lines using a scallop ruler. I love result on the reverse side of this table runner. It made the runner a reversible one! 

buffet table decor

I used fleece batting which I got from Tina of TSI . This green table runner finished at 14" x 38" a perfect size for buffet table or center table. 

I finished a couple of mini quilt tops and hopefully able to finish one or two of them next week. Check my Instagram from the behind the scene pictures. 

Thank you for stopping by,
Happy Sewing

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Tuesday Thoughts - Dealing with Shipping Problem

Hello again,

Being an entrepreneur means the ability to think out of the box by putting away our fear of any risk, including financial - Ciputra

The last couple of weeks, I've been dealing with lots of delayed shipping. It is stressing sometimes but gladly all the customers are very understanding. Thank you so much!! It is a difficult situation for a small business owner like myself who rely on Post for International Shipping, though I must say that India Post has done much better then when I started selling in Etsy a couple of years back. 

Image result for shop online images

Since January this year there have been many delayed parcels especially to the USA. I guess due to the severe weather condition in the US. While the tracking on India Post Website showed that it is already being sent to the destination country, unfortunately there is no update from the USPS website. Even the EMS post sometimes takes 2 weeks in the US custom itself. Well, maybe it's because of the weather and since the booming of the global online shopping, I can imagine the people at Custom and Post Office must be working really hard.

Image result for usps images

From my own experience, now I have 3 parcels that are sitting at the Indian custom since February! In spite of me sending letters and supported documents that they asked, still there is no movement from the custom office. Another incident was last month. A package with UK address was sent to USA. And naturally, they were sending it back to me and I had to refund the customer. And I lost the shipping cost. Though their website stated we can claim for the damage but the hassle of getting the money back will not worth it. 

Image result for india post images

I guess, with the booming of online shopping where anyone can import even a single piece of fabric from Fiji island, many countries are now coming up with new regulation regarding products that are coming into their country. That's natural! The technology has made shopping from faraway country possible. As a frequent online buyer, sometimes my orders came after 3 months!! The thing is, if you want it fast, do not buy online. Shopping online needs a lot of patience and understanding. As a seller, I try to be considerate to my buyers who are mostly crafters and buy for personal use. Yes, I do give full refund. The money lost is  part of the business I am doing but customer's trust is utmost important for an online seller. 

If you're an online seller, a mompreneur or a small business owner like me, don't be discouraged. Here are a few tips:
- If you are selling in Etsy or have your own website, make sure that your shipping policy is clear.
- Keep your head cool, esp. when dealing with angry customers. Losing your cool means losing clients. Empathize and explain patiently regarding the problem.
- Be helpful by helping them tracking the parcel. Remember, not all buyers are tech savvy. 
- Be considerate  by offering refund. Remember, financial lost is part of your business. But customers who trust you will come back for more or tell their friends. 

Problems happen all the time and things will get better! Keep  doing your work sincerely!

Image result for work sincerely quotes

Have a nice day!

I love Mug Rugs


Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. Pele

I finally finished a couple of mug rugs. I've been making these in between doing my wallet orders. I really love making these small quilts and it's a quick gift to make.

Yellow  Mug Rugs

I used Indian fabrics in this one. They are so soft and the colors are bright. A perfect companion to brighten your day.

Green Fabric Mug Rugs

I do love using these tea mats when I am reading or watching my drama. Sometimes I use it as a mouse pad too. 

Red Quilted Mug Rugs

I used cotton batting and quilted them on my new Jack F4 sewing machine. I am not very fond of FMQ and always prefer quilting using my walking foot. The best thing of using industrial machine for quilting is I don't need to change the foot at all!! The foot works wonderfully from piecing the mulmul fabric to quilting it! 

And one big news is I start listing my small quilts in Etsy. I opened another Etsy Shop (it's called Chezvies Quilts) since it is completely different product line than my Handmade wallet, it is always wiser to have a separate shop. The price is reasonable and it's free shipping for India! Please take a look at my new shop. I hope I will be able to share my love for quilting with you all!  

Thank you so much for your supports! 

Happy Sewing

Sunday Stash #7 - Indian cotton fabric mini bundles


Red White Fat Quarter Bundle

Sunday stash today is about mini pack. I decided to introduce mini bundle because I feel smaller pack will give you more freedom to choose the matching bundle. 

Blue Green Fat Quarter Bundle
The fat quarter bundles have  mix prints and colors. Indian fabrics are rich is color palette. Sometimes, I could not find the matching name for it. And at times the color changes on different lighting. 

Green Orange Fat Quarter Bundle
Classic florals and geometrics are always popular in India. You will find the same pattern every year but maybe in a different color or shades. 

Yellow Blue Fat Quarter Bundle

But some of the prints, mostly the digital prints don't always come out again. Like the blue with big florals above or the lotus print or the polkadots. 

White Blue Bundle
Handloom Ikat Fat Quarter Bundle of 3
Handloom Ikat Bundle

Yellow Fabric Bundle

Mudcloth Floral and Paisley Fat Quarter Bundle - Indian block print cotton fabric
Mudcloth Fabric Bundle
And of course the mudcloth is always a favorite. More daboo or mudcloth bundles will be available soon in both my Etsy and Webshop (for fabric shopping in India). 

Many people sometimes asked me what to do with the pre cut bundle? Well, I do make small quilt with Indian fabrics like this one I am currently doing. 

Here some ideas for you. Follow the link to check them out :

More fabric bundles will be regularly added (as time permits). But  you can always contact me in Instagram or Facebook Page to get customized bundle.

I hope you have a relaxing Sunday.
Have a wonderful week ahead!

Indian Block Print Fabric Bundles available in


Cute elephant Passport Holder and Travel Wallet

Hello again,

I hope you had a great weekends! It's getting warmer in here and new leaves are coming out and with a few spell of rains the trees look fresh!
The boys are having session break holidays and they plan to have a few boys over for the day. 

Elephant Passport Holder

In the meantime, I finished a couple of family passport holders. A custom order from my Etsy shop. I really love this colorful ellie print. I made a basic passport cover earlier with the same print. 

This model is the most popular one in my shop. I published the pattern last year and it's really a humbling experience to see how others made and interpreted the pattern. Thank you so much for you who tagged me on Facebook and Instagram

Another one I finished was this Passport Wallet in African Women Print

This passport holder model can hold 4 passports and a few cards. It even has long zipper pocket and 2 slip pockets. 

It's perfect to keep all your frequent flyer membership cards and documents even when you're not traveling. I am using a single version of this model when I travel alone. 

That's all the news from my sewing room. I still have a few wallets and quilts to finish this week. Hopefully I can complete a few things on my to do list! What about you? Have you tried anything new this week? 

Until then,

Happy Sewing

Sunday Stash #6 - Floral Fabrics


Big Floral Leaf Block Print Cotton

When it comes to floral designs, India has the most rich collection. All kind of floral shapes, size and colors. Many fabric designers claimed to have their inspiration from India

Floral with leheriya border

Floral design which inspired from the mughal era. The different color tone creates a unique beauty.

Colorful Block Print Floral

A traditional - eternal design block printed on solid based with faint leheriya or chevron design. 

Rich and Bright colors - glace cotton fabric with contrast border

Off White Chanderi with embroidered border

Combination technique of block print and embroidery. Or even with woven floral design. The off white chanderi cotton above is my favorite. The fabric is simply luxurious cotton. Elegant colors which will be perfect for any kind of fabric craft. 

White based with blue and pink block print flower
Green Paisley

Drop in at the shop in Etsy or in my WEBSHOP to see more collection of Indian floral fabrics. 

Until then,
Happy Sewing

Industrial Sewing Machine Review - Jack F4


I mentioned in my last post that I got a new machine! Yes another one. I always wanted to get one industrial machine but hesitating a lot. Reading a lot of reviews and visited the machine dealer in my town didn't help much. So last year I decided to get Singer HD instead. It was after I saw Donna Jordan of Jordan Fabric Youtube video that I decided to get one this year.

Well, I am a firm believer that everything will happen at its own time and place. Man proposes, God Disposes. I was chatting with Raji of Homemaker's Hustle and she told me she got Jack industrial machine. I saw so many video about it last year when I researching for industrial machine. I called up my dealer, and voila he said he got Jack machines! I watched youtube review again and decided to get the F4 model. And the verdict? It's so worth the wait!! Why?

The machine is pretty quiet and you just have to switch on and you're ready to go. This was my main concern last year. Most of the industrial machine that is sold here has a clutch motor. 

I've been playing with it for a few days now. Getting used to the speed and love that I don't have to keep changing machine foot. Not even when I sew zipper! I finished 2 passport holders and a couple of mug rugs and quilt tops.

Other features include: Adjustable speed, half stitch and needle up button, and the best thing it sews beautifully from mulmul fabrics to thick layers of quilt and passport holder. 

Now, I'm looking forward to sew more wallets and quilts! Let me know in a comment if you have any questions! 

Until then,

Happy Sewing

Bifold Wallet and binding mini tutorial


 Red Wallet

The sons are having their annual exam until next week. Wish us luck!! Since my MIL is away in Delhi, I tried a few baking recipes from youtube which surprisingly turned out well. 

Another great news from my sewing space is I decided to gift myself an industrial machine. I've been thinking for a long time and finally decided to get this one. I will write a review next week, Insha Allah, after it's assembled. 

Meanwhile, servicing my Singer HD, I whipped up 2 bifold wallets. It is slight upgrade from the previous one. I made slightly wider version so that it can double up as a phone wallet or to keep passports while traveling.

This red roses wallet was the second one I made. It was finished with binding, as usual. And frankly, it is my preferred method of finishing a wallet. 

The first one I made was a birthing style. If you're a bag maker, you'd know what it means? ^_^. It means, you sew the wallet panels right side together, leave a gap in certain part unstitched to turn the wallet right side out. 

Though it came out really nice,  my sons and SIL all voted for the binding one.I really love the peachy pink color though!

For this peach wallet, I used only woven interfacing without any padding. In the red roses wallet, I added fleece batting. 

Both wallets are the same size and even after filling it up with cards, phone and passport, it still close up pretty nicely. Love how slim it remained. I wish I could be too (after stuffing myself with homemade cakes and puddings! that too with extra cream! LOL)

Day before yesterday, Shweta from Arnel's mommy asked how to finish the corner of the binding. As with my other wallet patterns, I sewed the binding by machine on one side and hand sew the other side. Why hand sewing? Because I love a neat finish. So, here is a mini tutorial, how to sew when you reach the corner. 
But before cutting the binding strip, make sure that the fabric grains are straight. This is important to get a good finish!

1. When you reach the corner, fold the raw edge and pull out the edge so that you get that straight diagonal line. Finger press it. 

2. Fold it over, so that it covers the previous stitching line and clip in place. Trim the wallet raw edge if necessary. I usually trim as I go along.

3. Now continue slip stitch until you reach the corner intersection. 
4. Then slip stitch towards the wallet's corner

5. And stitch back towards the inner corner/intersection. 

6. Continue stitching !
I hope that helps! 
So, that's all for today. Keep experimenting, keep sewing! 

Have a blessed Friday!

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