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Wednesday WIP Log Cabin blocks


Don't you love those fabrics? I got the bundle from my trip to Japan last year. I got quite a lot of fabrics last year and happy that I finally got the perfect project to use them. 

I am making another log cabin bag for a custom order. So excited!!
I cut the stripa 1" wide this time and I am doing a chain piecing. 

I am progressing quite fast and love the result so far. Ah, I got that new tool from my recent trip to the Tokyo quilt show. The roller is perfect for pressing small blocks!  The other one I bought was a needle threader, which really awesome! I always drop my thread whenever I am hand sewing. Definitely by best buys!!

Isn't this cool??

I hope to finish this bag by early next week because I still have a couple of travel wallet orders that I have to complete this week. My sewing room have been quite busy since I came back from Japan and I am happy with the mess! 

What are you working on this week? 

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