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Block Print DIY


Do you remember this song?

"Celebrate don't you wait, never hesitate
Celebrate while you still got time

Celebrate, yeah it's great, do it right away

Turn your back it's celebration time"

Well, today I decided I will try the block printing!! Afterall I got the wooden blocks and fevicryl fabric paints a few months ago. 
I saw this tutorial on youtube (it's in Hindi) and decided to try it. And I did! 

So, here's few things I learned:

1. First, soak the wooden blocks in a cooking oil. She suggested til ka tel a.k.a sesame oil. I used whatever  I have in the kitchen. she suggested to soak overnight, I soaked for about 3 hours or so. 

2.  While the wooden blocks are being soaked,  wash the fabric that you are going to use. I used linen, the lady in the video used mulmul or voile cotton. 
After the fabric dried up ironed it nicely. I used layers of newspaper and flannel fabric as a base and laid out my piece of fabric there.

3. Now, take one kitchen scrubber, the sponge one, and a small plate to mix the colors. Transfer the paints onto the sponge. Wipe the wooden block with a paper towel first then press it onto the sponge and start stamping. One at a time. 

And here is the result.
 I love this bicycle print. 

 The Ship and Bell, more or less the same size as the bicycles. 

and I love the red florals and bells here. 

Now, I have to wait for 24 hours before I can sew them into something pretty. A wallet, sling bag, or maybe a pouch

If you ask where do I get the wooden block from? I bought it from Amazon India. There are lots of sellers who sell them in a set of few pieces. I think I am going to buy one more set. It's kind of fun. I will let you know how it is after 24 hrs. Subscribe to my blog if you don't want to miss the post. 

Yes, it's a small achievement today that worth celebrating. 
It was not perfect but then that's the beauty of handmade, right?

Until then,

Happy Diwali!!

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