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Simple Guide : How to Set Up a Facebook Shop


Today after lunch, I was just lazing around on the sofa and browsing Facebook. I was checking my Facebook page when I realized that my CHEZVIES SHOP tab was not visible on the mobile app? What is this??? I got up and turned on my laptop and it was there! On the top.

Oh, Facebook!! what are you playing this time??

So, Facebook has its own shopping app or whatever you call it, if you connect the 3rd party e-commerce app, it will look good on the website version but NOT on the mobile version. I hope I make sense here.

The picture below is the website version of my facebook page. See the red underlined CHEZVIES SHOP tab. That's where I embedded my Ecwid Store.

and here what the Facebook Page look on the Mobile App. The chezvies shop tab is missing. The SHOP tab (which is the facebook shop) is there prominently.

So, what's the solution? I set up the Facebook Shop with a link to my website!! 

If you only sell on facebook, then direct the checkout process to the facebook messenger. Which mean the potential buyer will have to contact you personally to purchase. 

Now, I assumed you already have your Facebook Page and Website (it can be any e-commerce site, Etsy, Ecwid, Shopify, etc).

Here what you have to do

1. Change your facebook page using a  Shopping Templates

Setting ---> Edit Page ---> Choose shopping ---> view details and apply

2. Once done, the chance is the Shop Tab is already turned on. If not, scroll down and switch it on the SHOW SHOP TAB.

You can arrange the tab by clicking the 3 bar on the left side of the tab and drag it up or down.

3. Go back to your facebook page and click the SHOP, agree to the T&C and also you can choose your currency at this stage. Now you can start adding your product. Fill up the form and photos accordingly.

Don't forget to give the link for the checkout. If you already have a website or an online store, it will be so much easier for your customer.
You can share your product from your page to any groups. It will direct people to your Facebook Page as well as your website. So it's like killing 2 birds with one stone, right?

Since most people using Facebook on their mobile, when they visit your facebook page, the first they see is your Shop Section/Product. 

Let me know what you think in the comment below. I'd love to hear from you. 
If you think this tip is good for your friends, feel free to share it. 
Sharing is caring ^^

Now, I must go and set up my Facebook Page and hopefully will see you there too!

Until then,

Happy Sunday

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