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Meet my new friend - SINGER HD4423


It's finally here!! I got it on Tuesday last week!! It's Singer HD 4423. I was thinking of buying the industrial machine but I don't have space right now.

I've been considering this machine for quite some time and even though my other machines are doing OK, but I need a tougher machine to sew bags and wallet.
I won't be writing a long technical review here, but if you want to read the review you can go HERE or watch it on YouTube.

So far, I LOVE it!! Especially when sewing the passport holders, it can handle thickness changes with no hick up at all. And with the High Speed, I can sew much faster without dealing with a jammed needle.
The SINGER HD4423 also has top loading bobbin, which is convenient

 I'm yet to try on faux leather or another project as yet. I will update you again when I do.
It has 23 stitch variations (hence the name). Also, you can adjust the needle position to the right and to the left. 

The free arm is an advantage too. If you see the extended table, that was from my Bernette machine LOL. Have to make do with what I have, right? 

If you're looking for beginner heavy duty sewing machine, you might want to consider this machine. It's practical and economical!
Let me know what you think!

Until then,

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