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Introducing Weekly Newsletter


Yes you heard it right! I will start delivering Newsletter this coming Wednesday. 

Newsletter has been in my bucket list for quite sometime. Even though I already have subscription via feedburner provided by google, I feel I need more platform to share. There are so many things that sometimes one blog post is not enough. Hence the Newsletter.

You can sign up RIGHT HERE 

I started doing some reading and research and came across Abby's Blog - While She Naps  where she wrote about how to create powerful newsletter.

I was waiting for my sons in their music classes when I came across the blog and decided to buy the e-book. It's fantastic book! If you're a mompreneur and have no idea how to start your first email list, this is the book you must have. Abby even replied to my questions promptly! Thank you so much, Abby!!

Last weekends I was writing notes from the book and started working on my mailchimp and sending out test message to my friends ( thank you Namrata, Agnes, Vonney!! - group hugs to you all - xo). And now it's ready for the First Issue on Wednesday. 

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While I was writing the content, I realized how much I enjoyed it. It reminded me of the era before the internet. I always like writing diaries and letters to old and new friends. That habit continued after email was widely used and that was how I met my DH ! (ha, now that little secret is out! *blushing*) 

If you want to get all the handmade news sent weekly directly to your inbox and read it while you're having a cup of chai, you can sign up at the end of this post

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I hope to see you on board! Thanks for dropping by and if you think there's someone who might love this newsletter, do forward to and share this blog post with them. TiA!

Until then,

P.S. For you who already signed up (thank you!!), I included a surprise gift inside the Newsletter

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