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{HOW TO} - How to Edit Instagram Photos that Sells - Simple Guide

Hello again, 

Everyone is on instagram nowadays. It's the best social network to share your photos, videos and now even life event. People love instagram more because we want to SEE. Yes visual is very important, especially if you are a  mompreneur  and running an online shop or selling via instagram but don't have time to edit photos from editing apps. You want your product to stand out, to be drool worthy. 

Most of us mompreneurs don't have time to go back and forth from editing apps to Instagram. And we are not quite happy with the stock filters too.  

Here's what I usually do before sending out my product photos to the world. 

1. Open your instagram and click your profile, and click that + sign at the bottom of the screen. 

2. Instead of using photos from the gallery, choose PHOTO.  Position your mobile camera in the angle that you you like best. This way, your photo is just perfect size for Instagram. Cropping your stock photos will (more often than not) make your photos size look odd for Instagram frame. 

3. I know there are so many apps out there offering various of filters including instagram. Don't use that. Instead, click EDIT where you can adjust the photos to look bright and natural. 

4. What I am using most is  BRIGHTNESS. Adjust it so that it looks natural. If you set your phone brightness to Auto, change it. That way you know how the photos will look in reality. 

5. My next step usually CONTRAST. Especially if the object is dark or bright colors. Adjust it to look like the real color as much as possible. 

 6. Next is SHADOWS. Use this if your source of light is not evenly distributed. 

 You can see the difference here. 

7. I  use TILF SIFT if I want to focus on one part of the photos. It's perfect for highlighting your speciality, your new label, your perfect stichetes, etc. 

 8. You can experiment with the rest of the Editing taps. Now, you're ready to post your photos. Don't forget to add those #hastags. Use suggested popular hashtag. 

It's super easy right? I know many mompreneurs out there who don't have time to sit and edit every single photos before posting it. I hope this simple guide will help you improve your Instagram photos. Write your comment if you want more simple guide.

I will talk about #hashtag your post in my next post. Subscribe for my post at the top of this blog to get updates. 

Until then,

Happy Posting

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