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Movie Date : Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

Today was the movie date with the boys and one of Rizqi's friend, Rudraneel.  They have been planning to watch Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice since the beginning of the holiday. 

Don't ask me about the movie, even if I sat there more than 2 hours, I could not understand the story. I can only say that somehow Lex Luthor reminds me of our Bollywood Badshah - Shah Rukh Khan. The body language, the way he emphasised his words, the timing of his speech. I wonder if,  maybe...just maybe Jesse Eisenberg is a fan of SRK.

Another wonder is why Wonder Woman was not mentioned in the title despite her role of helping the boys defeating the Doomsday. 

Other than that I really don't follow the story, I was busy chatting with my friends. Truthfully, I much rather watch Korean Drama any day. 

Ah, we have discussion afterwards about why Superman cannot die, and the boys keep correcting me about Krypton and when I kept saying wrong thing about Avengers, they were like

anyway, it was fun day with the boys

snack time after the movie

Now, I need my dose of Kdrama...

Until then,

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