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I'm the happiest

birthday girl in town!!

I was thinking, I must have been done some good deeds that I am rewarded with my fave stuff!!!

Look what came in the mail this week from my fave bagmaker bff Namrata of BAGSTOCK 

You all should check her Facebook Page or her ETSY  to see her bags!  They are simply awesome. 

This birthday gift make my 7th bag from Bagstock :D
Yep, I am a big sucker for handmade bags!! 

I took the bag to piano class today and loved it! it's very spacious and easy to carry. 
btw in case you wonder, it's my sons who are doing the class, while me teaching the piano teacher quilting after class...that will be in another blog post :D

Here's another variations of Boho Bag from Bagstock

Photos by Bagstock

and of course who doesn't like these pretty threads??? 
Namrata bought them when she was learning to quilt and now since she doesn't quilt and the threads didn't work on her machine, she sent them to me

it's 79 spools in total!!!

and the Indian batik Jelly Rolls!!!

I was dancing a happy dance when the package arrived!! 

Now, I feel like making more quilts!!

Thanks a lot Namrata!! Thank you for being my friend!!
Love you, Gal!

Until then,

Happy Quilting

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