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Fabric Shopping in Seoul

I will not bore you with my stories, let the pics do the talking ...

yup that's me, I went to Korea with my friend, Mita. And the above pic was on my way to Happy Quilt in Dongdaemun market, Seoul- Korea. And look what greeted me once I came out from the lift <3

luckily I just had a little time before the shop closed otherwise I'd have blown my cards and would not know how to carry them back to India :P

My loot
look at these beauty
pre cuts
Happy Quilt 
many shops selling Japanese quilt kits and fabrics

More of Dongdaemun Market is here  and if you happen to have lots of time you can visit Happy Quilt in Jije (which I didn't ). 

and that's me again, tired and hungry (I was having kimbab :P )  but extremely Happy with my bundles of joy. 

Well, Bo Derek is right when she said

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness
simply didn't know where to go shopping." 

Until then,

Happy Quilting

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