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{Sewing Room} New Arrangement

Finally my sewing room arrangement is almost complete. The wall still bare though. I still could not make up my mind where to display the quilts and stuff I made.
Let's take a tour .....
My two fabric cabinets and a trunk are placed near the entrance. I got the trunk cover made when I change the curtain. The trunk mostly I used as a "transit island" for fabrics which got sold in my Etsy shop before I put it back it its respective place ;)

And that's my sewing table with  my HV machine which I use mostly for quilting and wallet making. 

below is my cutting area and also where I put my Bernette. I use the Bernette for piecing and general sewing. In the corner is a rack which I use to store my WIP and UFO bins, it's hidden behind that quilt top (my sort of temporary display wall ^_^ )

Below the table are bins to store scraps and small batting, mostly left over batting from previous projects. 

On the left side of the room I put the smaller cabinets. 
I love the vintage sideboard which my MIL gave me, it needs a little bit of repair work but it can wait. And the there's my ironing table cum fabric storage with my mini DIY design wall and next to that was my babies' changing table/cupboard. I keep printer, the magazines/books I am currently reading and my paper/quilt ruler storage.

Here's the storage. I really really love this! again this is from my MIL. She said she didn't like it and I am happily adopted it. <3 

There's still lots of work  to do in this room, but so far I am quite happy. I still need to think where to put my mini design wall. I made a bigger one which is portable and I can just hang it in my curtain rod.

I want to display a some of my work but don't want to make the room too crowded. 

Now at least I can start doing some work with peace of mind :D

I think, this advice is really true, at least for me ^0^

Until then,

Happy Sewing

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