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When the boys are on holiday

Yesterday afternoon the boys wanted to make shirts and pants for their WWE heroes. So I taught them how to make the simple pattern and cut the fabric. 

They were excited and started taking out which wrestlers will get customized clothes first ^_*

With basic running stitches, they managed quite well. 

what do you think?

I think I must get a lycra fabrics for them ^^

The boys said they will make clothes for all of them
mmm there are about 2 dozens of them
let's see 

It was a well spent afternoon ^^

Until then,

Happy Sewing

one of my 2015 resolution

is to put a good use of my scraps. 

This little pouch is as a kick start project.  I used my postage stamp block to make this

everyone asked me about the pink sewing machine ^_*
it's too cute, isn't it?
I got it when I was looking for super heroes figures for my sons and I know I should buy it ^^

I simply love using decorative stitch for quilting

That cute button I got last year from Indonesia
I just could not resist anything cute

This pouch has gone to one girl, who visited me last week
she just could not let it go once she saw it. She said she's going to put her clips in it ^^

if you want one, I list this in my ETSY shop too as custom order

I have {more than} enough scraps to make this pouch ^^

Until then

Happy Sewing

When I am feeling green

The weather was cold last Sunday and I just needed to do something while sitting and watching my weekends drama.

So I picked up embroidery threads and start doodling. Embroidery is therapeutic :) 
This "wish you luck" mug rug will be a great gift for someone who has to stay up late studying or working on a project! 

And my second green project was this iPad sleeves. I used to wonder why one need gadget sleeves if you already have smart cover? Well, you know need a sleeve for your gadget! Cos when you put it inside your purse the smart cover tends to flip. 

And if you are frequent flyer, you definitely need one to protect your gadget during the security check. 

This one featured warli art print. warli art is very popular in India. It depicts the everyday life of adivasis tribe in India. 

So why not grab one for your self. I have several style listed in my Etsy Shop and it's customized friendly. Or if you want to make one yourself, you can always get the Warli Fabrics from my Fabric Shop

Today, it's still gloomy here
I hope you have a cheery weather ^^

Thanks for stopping by

Happy Sewing


Baby Quilt and Cushion Covers

Since last 2 months I keep a "to-do-list" in my phone using Google Keep apps. Well, so far it works. I keep a weekly list for things I want to complete. It helps me keeping track of certain things. And it feels good when I can complete one task, whether it's cleaning up my cupboards or finishing my UFOs project.

Here are few stuff I completed the last few weeks :

My Last finish in 2014 : baby quilt for Baby Anya - our newest member of the family

my #finishyourUFO projects:

pillows and more pillows ^^

I sign up for #Rangde cushion cover swap in Desi Quilters and  wrote simple tutorial in my Facebook Page . I realized many people are more comfortable with facebook. So, this year, I will try to share mini tutorial here as well as in my Facebook Page

oh and I did get my mugrug swap from Tina 

and my #sewyourstash2015 projects:

fabric cover bin. I found good tutorial on youtube . basically you make cover for the outside and make a liner for inside of the box. it's removable cover. 

and I made this to store my linen fabrics 

I'm doing few more #ufo projects and will write more later

Until then

Happy Sewing

Hello 2015 !

My first post in 2015!
So, here what I've been up to in the last week of 2014 

Yes, we went to one of the himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh ^_^

 the silhouette of mountains and hills all the way

it was almost 10 hrs drive from Delhi

but all the tiredness was gone
when you see this view from your hotel window

The next day was fun ride to Kufri 
the boys wanted to play with the snow ^_^ 

well, I guess I am lucky not to stay in the snowing state in India (or anywhere in the world for that matter )
I prefer summer anyday

while the boys were trying out the gokart , I was enjoying the sun while looking at the snow capped himalayan range. Subhanallaah.

oh we bought this sweet potatoes from roadside vendors


We stayed for 2 nights in Shimla 
It was a fun experience
To see the hill filled with houses
the winding road
experiencing the public elevator 
browsing the mall road

We should've stayed longer
well, maybe later 
and preferably not in winter ^_^

Until then,

Hope 2015 will bring you more fun filled experience

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