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Necessary Clutch Wallet

I have been searching for accordion wallet pattern and my dear friend, Namrata from Bagstock told me about the NCW and she encouraged me to try. She even added me to the NCW addict group on facebook.  After few months of watching all the ladies in the group making beautiful NCWs finally I printed out the pattern and started making one. 

The wallet is spacious, you can fit it up to 12 cards, and there is one slip pocket behind each card slot.

I added another zip pocket there and d-rings for the detachable strap. I made 1 long strap and 1 short lanyard. 

The middle part is my favorite cos you can put your mobile phone there. 

So, no more carrying your big purse when you go out for a little errand or just going for a short lunch break. 


Some adjustment that I made : 

#1. The Flap 

I attached the border to the exterior flap panel by sewing the inner border to the exterior panel first. Then baste stitch the outer border to exterior before sew it together with the lining flap. That way I get a good finish of the flap and since I used magnetic snap, it gave a better finish of the front esp. if you are using magnetic snap. No more worries maneuvering around the snap ;) 


#2 . The wallet body lining, I use buckram in the middle part and use fusible woven interfacing in the oval part. That way, it's easier on my machine since it's less bulky. And before turning I add a piece of flannel as batting in the middle part. That give a stiff but soft finish to the wallet. The wallet feels for firm.  (sorry forgot to take pics here).

#3. Added second zipper pouch based on tutorial by Jean on her YouTube channel.


 I used my pinking scissor to trip the flap or any curvy sides. It's easier and faster plus gives a better finish 

So, if you've been thinking to give the NCW a try, go ahead. It's fun to make and with all the tutorials and group support, you don't have to worry about anything else:)

Get the pattern at : Emmaline Bags

and the fabrics at Chezvies Supplies

or if you'd rather to buy the finish wallet, you can head to my ETSY shop. I can make in any fabric you want.

Until then,

Happy Sewing

Ella Bucket Bag

 I have this unique African print for few months. The print is huge. I put up for sale in my facebook page Chezvies Fabrics for a long time and there's no taker :(

I believe that all my fabrics will come of use someday {I think all the hoarders have the same believe ^_* ) and it's true. I was browsing Etsy for Totebag and found SOTAK handmade's pattern, The Ella Bucket Bag, and I know that it's perfect for my fabric.

Svetlana's pattern is very thorough and easy to follow. With step by step pictures which is a huge thing for me. I am one of those who cannot follow written instructions. So having step by step photo tutorial is really a big help.

I made few improvisation here, because of the print I decided to put the zipper pocket inside and I skipped the inner pocket.

And for the magnetic snap, instead of attach the snap onto the bag, I made a little button flaps and attach it to the bag. Since the fabric I use is Indian mulmul fabric which is quite lightweight, attaching the snap this way is safer.

The interface I used is fusible interfacing. I used in both exterior and lining. I added foam in the exterior fabric.

I definitely will make more of this bag. It's super easy. 

Bag will be available for custom order in

Fabrics used are Indian cotton by Chezvies Fabrics

Until then,

Happy Sewing

How to quilt it?

I am working on this geese quilt. It's going to be huge one,  86" x 90". I've been looking at several tutorial on how to do big quilt in my home sewing machine. Since I don't think so I will be able to tug and move it around, and with my spondylitis problem, it's  definitely  NO.

I found a pretty butterfly cotton for the back 

I have Jera's book Quilt as you Made modern but I am not sure how to do mine. SInce it's going to be 3 parts, Solid panel on both sides and one long geese panel in the middle. 

Then I saw this tutorial by Marci Girl Designs which I think it's doable. Well it will involve hand- sewing but that is better that hauling the whole quilt in one go on to the machine.

here some pics from Marci Girl Designs:

copyrights : Marci Girl Designs

Copyrights : Marci Girl Designs

copyrights : Marci Girl Designs

copyrights : Marci Girl Designs

Go ahead to Marci Girl Design for complete Quilt as you go tutorial.

and Wish me luck ^_^

Until then,

Happy Quilting

And all these little things

Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me
But bear this in mind, it was meant to be
And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks
And it all makes sense to me...

I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile
You've never loved your stomach or your thighs, the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine
But I'll love them endlessly

I won't let these little things,
Slip out of my mouth
But if I do...It's you....Oh it's you...They add up to
I'm in love with you...

And all these little things

song by One Direction 
Little Things

Pouches available for sale at ChezVies
Fabrics available for sale at Chezvies Fabrics

until then,

Happy Quilting

Fabric Shopping in Seoul

I will not bore you with my stories, let the pics do the talking ...

yup that's me, I went to Korea with my friend, Mita. And the above pic was on my way to Happy Quilt in Dongdaemun market, Seoul- Korea. And look what greeted me once I came out from the lift <3

luckily I just had a little time before the shop closed otherwise I'd have blown my cards and would not know how to carry them back to India :P

My loot
look at these beauty
pre cuts
Happy Quilt 
many shops selling Japanese quilt kits and fabrics

More of Dongdaemun Market is here  and if you happen to have lots of time you can visit Happy Quilt in Jije (which I didn't ). 

and that's me again, tired and hungry (I was having kimbab :P )  but extremely Happy with my bundles of joy. 

Well, Bo Derek is right when she said

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness
simply didn't know where to go shopping." 

Until then,

Happy Quilting

{ Show off Saturday} Imperfection

I had so much fun doing this scrappy log cabin blocks. 
I just grabbed one piece at a time and started QAYG it.

 I didn't even bother to see if the color match. 

I added black sashing to bring out brightness of Indian cotton fabrics.

Don't you love all those brightly contrast colors? 

Here, I learned the beauty of imperfection.

couldn't agree more, Marilyn ^_^

Linky party:  Show Off Saturday  

Indian fabrics available HERE

Until then,

Happy Sewing

{Sewing Room} New Arrangement

Finally my sewing room arrangement is almost complete. The wall still bare though. I still could not make up my mind where to display the quilts and stuff I made.
Let's take a tour .....
My two fabric cabinets and a trunk are placed near the entrance. I got the trunk cover made when I change the curtain. The trunk mostly I used as a "transit island" for fabrics which got sold in my Etsy shop before I put it back it its respective place ;)

And that's my sewing table with  my HV machine which I use mostly for quilting and wallet making. 

below is my cutting area and also where I put my Bernette. I use the Bernette for piecing and general sewing. In the corner is a rack which I use to store my WIP and UFO bins, it's hidden behind that quilt top (my sort of temporary display wall ^_^ )

Below the table are bins to store scraps and small batting, mostly left over batting from previous projects. 

On the left side of the room I put the smaller cabinets. 
I love the vintage sideboard which my MIL gave me, it needs a little bit of repair work but it can wait. And the there's my ironing table cum fabric storage with my mini DIY design wall and next to that was my babies' changing table/cupboard. I keep printer, the magazines/books I am currently reading and my paper/quilt ruler storage.

Here's the storage. I really really love this! again this is from my MIL. She said she didn't like it and I am happily adopted it. <3 

There's still lots of work  to do in this room, but so far I am quite happy. I still need to think where to put my mini design wall. I made a bigger one which is portable and I can just hang it in my curtain rod.

I want to display a some of my work but don't want to make the room too crowded. 

Now at least I can start doing some work with peace of mind :D

I think, this advice is really true, at least for me ^0^

Until then,

Happy Sewing

Show Off Saturday : Little Pouches and Recycle boxes

I have finished these few things after I came back from the holiday.  I bought quilted purse pattern from etsy and love it. 

This is for my SIL

and I keep this for my self ^^

And I was in a recycling mood, so covered these mug boxes with fabrics and reuse the panda plastic bottle which we got from Singapore Zoo to keep my wooden buttons.

I used the boxes to keep my binding strips. 

I especially like the pin cushion. I got the idea from pinterest about re using the cello tape tube as pin cushion

Isn't that cute?

=== This post is linking to Show Off Saturday ===

until then....

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