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{TUTORIAL} Mini Quilt Mitered Corner Binding

Here a picture tutorial on how I (usually) do my binding. Before binding your quilt, few things you must remember :
- if you use cross cut binding - that is you cut your binding across the width of fabric (WOF) - you have to make sure grain is straight. 

- Depends on the thickness of your quilt, cut your binding fabric either 2.25" or 2.50" x WOF

- Attach your binding by machine on the FRONT SIDE of the quilt

Let's start:
I always fold diagonally in one end 

and then fold and iron the strip

 I always start my binding from the middle. 
The clip really helps to hold it together if you hate using pin
This folding outward-inward is tricky
do it neatly, since this will decide how your mitered corner will look in the end

Once you get use to it, you can do it pretty quickly

the pink dot is your pit stop ^_^

my fave foot. It's great for binding too since it holds up the binding pretty well

Remember, always start sewing the binding 3" from the beginning of your strip

When you reach the corner, put the needle up, turn your quilt, flip the folded fabric up and start sewing from the top.
Continue to do that in all 4 corners

When you reach the end of your binding, trim *sorry for the misspelling there * the excess fabric and insert it inside the diagonal

A little trick : I usually sew few inches from the top, stop, put my needle down and pull the end of the binding inserted inside the diagonal, neaten it and clip it.

Now, you're done attaching your binding, it should look like the pic below

Iron it out. This ironing part will give a  crisp look and also even out the binding

Forgot to take the pic with the same binding LOL. Anyway this part is important. DO NOT trim too much. I normally just eyeball it. It should be not less than 1/4". Sometimes - in my case it's "always" - the seam is not even. so, carefully trim it. 

Please don't mind the cutting mat. I know I need a new one 

turn it around, put lots of clips.

Now, put on your favorite serial, pick up your needle and thread and start stitching it using a slip stitch. Before you know it, you're done. Now you can admire your nicely mitered corner 

I hope this tutorial will help to clear some questions you might have. It's pretty simple, you just need a little practice and patience, and sometimes a cup of coffee and a good kdrama ^_^

Happy  Binding ^^

*** As usual, message me if you have any questions ***

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