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Going scrappy ...

Are you on Instagram? well, I love spending few mins everyday looking at crafty people post across instagram.

 one day I saw this cute scrappy mini 9 patch block from Karamatsews . It was  QAL started by Heather of Houseofalamode 

I took out a little but of my scraps {I have 2 huge bins full of scraps..eeww } 

I admit, the cutting was the toughest part 
I spent almost 2 hours  sorting out and cutting 2" squares 

and after a little bit rest with cream crackers and herbal tea
I made these

aren't those cute? 

If you like, go and join the fun
make  one block at a time

it can be as a stress buster or as a happy ending after a day's work
or when you feel low 
it's good for mindless sewing {mmm I don't know if it's the correct term}

what I like most is every little scrap in these blocks have its own memories
remnants from my sewing journey 
when I see it, I was like
"oh, this is from the dress I made for so and so"
"Those are from baby quilt I made for so and so"

Now go and find #scrappypostagestampqal in Instagram and be inspired ^^

Until then...

Happy Sewing

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