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Last bit of monsoon

or not really...

It's been raining continuously for the past few days
 It was hot and humid last week
 Well, I guess monsoon lingers a bit longer this time

Tomorrow the school will remain closed due to water logging in the city
Since half yearly exam is going on, I guess this is the best option
otherwise few students will have to miss the exam

So, what is your favorite during the monsoon?
Well, me...I love to sip homemade herbal tea. My current fave is rosemary and thyme.

and reading some good book
or browsing Pinterest for ideas
or watching funny K drama ^_^

yesterday I was looking for  Shabby Chic ideas
and found these

Love that simple floral quilt
I I watched  one like that in one of the K drama last week ❤

I love the green tone fabrics in this one and the pillow..oh so pretty!!

So, I pulled out few fabrics too yesterday
still thinking what should I make

I love some simple and more traditional quilt
I guess you must have noticed that too

it always takes me hours and maybe days to finally settle for one design or print
sometimes when I am in a hurry to finish
I always end up not very happy with the result :(

So this time, I'm taking my time 

Meanwhile, I just finished one wallet for a friend's daughter in Indonesia
I will post that tomorrow

Until then...

Happy Quilting

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