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A little tutorial : how to make less stressful lanyard

While making lanyard for custom order today, I remember those days when I started sewing again. When WiFi  was not yet heard and modem connection was very slow and making those funny crackling noise ^_^ 

Yes, I learned most of my sewing tricks and tips from bloggers who generously share their step by step pics. I am a visual reader {is that the correct term?}. So, I need tutorial with lots of pics in it. 

Anyway, here's a little tip how to make lanyard less stressful ;)

First you need your DOUBLE FOLD bias tape or any binding tape and the hook. I like using bias though.

{bias tape tutorial video in my previous post)

and then, insert the tape into the hook

now, put the end of the tape, right side facing and sew 1/4" 
open the seam and press it flat 
make sure you put it correctly, or else you'll end up with twisted lanyard {I did once :D }

Now fold the bias tape and start sewing closely to the edge

Now you're almost done
you just have to double stitch around 1/2" under the hook

Voila! you get a pretty lanyard with no stress ^_*

Oops, looks like someone is looking for me. Ha!!

I hope the little trick will help you
Now, time to relax with my fave drama

Until then

Take care and happy sewing

Handmade Wallet again

My friend's daughter is cyclist and she's got few medals up her sleeves already
One day the mommy saw my wallet and asked if I have bicycle print
I said of course I do {see, this is why I need to buy certain fabrics}

After pulling out a bunch of fabrics to match, I came up with this one

I add a little hand embroidered monogram there

and since my previous wallet was taken by my dear sister 
I need to make one for my self

Finally I got to use my linen! 
I bought FQ bundles from Etsy few months ago

I'm quite happy with the result

I love to keep my debit and credit cards in the zipper pocket
I feel safer that way ^_*

I remember a friend recently complaining about her work 
she was not quite happy with her work
even though I told her, she's done very well
considering she just picked up sewing

Well, for me, HANDMADE should LOOK handmade
 all the imperfections will make it more special

Btw, did you notice the binding?
I just recently decided to learn to make a proper bias binding
I always thought it's tedious to cut diagonally and sewing all those strips together
I googled and found several tutorials 
but I love this tutorial on you tube

2 things you must REMEMBER while making bias binding 

1. spray starch your fabric before hand. This will help you while you run it through the bias maker. and since bias cut fabric tends to stretch, the starch will help you to control it.

2. Mark it properly 

And here's what I got 

So, when you're not in the mood to sew
why not trying this one
this surely save you a lot of time

Wallets available for custom order at CHEZVIES

Until then

Happy Sewing

Last bit of monsoon

or not really...

It's been raining continuously for the past few days
 It was hot and humid last week
 Well, I guess monsoon lingers a bit longer this time

Tomorrow the school will remain closed due to water logging in the city
Since half yearly exam is going on, I guess this is the best option
otherwise few students will have to miss the exam

So, what is your favorite during the monsoon?
Well, me...I love to sip homemade herbal tea. My current fave is rosemary and thyme.

and reading some good book
or browsing Pinterest for ideas
or watching funny K drama ^_^

yesterday I was looking for  Shabby Chic ideas
and found these

Love that simple floral quilt
I I watched  one like that in one of the K drama last week ❤

I love the green tone fabrics in this one and the pillow..oh so pretty!!

So, I pulled out few fabrics too yesterday
still thinking what should I make

I love some simple and more traditional quilt
I guess you must have noticed that too

it always takes me hours and maybe days to finally settle for one design or print
sometimes when I am in a hurry to finish
I always end up not very happy with the result :(

So this time, I'm taking my time 

Meanwhile, I just finished one wallet for a friend's daughter in Indonesia
I will post that tomorrow

Until then...

Happy Quilting

Let the music play

Few weeks back, the boys' piano teacher said that she loved the pencil pouch I made for the boys. 
She didn't believe that I made that my self *ahem* 
So I said I will make one for her

I guess fabric is like destiny. I admit that I collected fabric faster than I sew [any body with me?] >_< 
but then you never know when ideas strike or when you're going to need certain print, right?
Just like this time

I decided to make with the black and white one and gave a red lining to match with the zipper
well, black and white and red never goes wrong ^_^

oh and she loved it! 
What can be a better reward than someone who received your handmade with pure delight in their eyes? I'm blessed _/\_

As usual, I made few more but of different type

Boxy long pouch, which is perfect as amenity or toiletry bag 

and another one is the triangle pouch.
The triangle pouch is good for keeping sewing or quilting tools, isn't it?

I didn't use any interfacing or stabilizer here

Instead I used flannel as batting and quilted it using decorative stitches.
oh I love using decorative stitches for quilting. it gives personality to the whole look of the quilt.

Flannel batting is my favorite, since it's easily available here. It's perfect for tote bags and runners.
It's light but give enough structure to the bag/quilt.

I tried using thin foam but I was not satisfied with the result plus it's rather difficult to sew. At least for me.

The pouches are available for purchase at my Etsy Shop

Fabric : Toko Chan

Until then,

Happy Quilting

First Installment

Remember in my last post I showed you fabrics strips that I cut. In fact I cut a little bit more. I cut 6.5" strips and jelly rolls.

I wanted to do a quick strip quilt. And here what I ended up with

slim table runner!!
I quilt it in the ditch cos I just got this fancy foot for my new HV ^-* 

the back is olive green. ❤

oh I did the binding using the flat felled foot based on THIS tutorial

I did a little  adjustment since Bernina and HV foot has a different width. 

I still prefer handsewn binding for small quilt though
 But sometimes I'm just not in the mood to do hand sewing, esp when there's no interesting K-drama to accompany me. Ha!!

By the way, RPQ has a good tips on binding on her Instagram. I just saw it today and I may give it a try on my next one. 

if you want to purchase the runner it's available on my ETSY shop
or if you want the fabric, you can go to my FABRIC SHOP

Until next time

Happy Quilting

What inspired you?

Well, for me, when I'm not in the mood to sew, usually folding fabrics do the tricks, esp.during "that" time of the month when my mood usually at the lowest.

Last week, I've got my fabric stocks delivered for my Etsy shop but I was just not too excited about it. Until I took them out from the package. Ha!

For those who's not familiar with Indian cotton, you should really try this. This one is soft light weight cotton which is suitable for any projects. 

whether you want soft love volume floral prints

or bright flowers

or an autumn warm colors

After a whole day of folding and photographing all those, I cut up few strips. 
I have  lots of plans and ideas in my head.

Let's see what I will make out of these strips

Until then

Happy Sewing

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