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Card tricks anyone?

I've been wanted to try this block. Saw lots of tutorial on the net and yesterday I decided to take the plunge. I took out my Indonesian batiks and start slicing them. 

Well, the tutorial seems quite easy but it really tricky (hence the name??) . 

I still couldn't get the point matched though :(

I don't know what it's going to end up to be....

Until then,

Happy Quilting

Lots of pouches

My new XperiaZ is badly need a pouch or wallet, so that it wont disappear under the junk ummm stuff  inside my carry-all bag. And while am wondering about what design I will make, a friend of mine tweeted me after saw my kindle sleeve

I tried quilting it using decorative stitches on my Bernette

She said she needs one to carry 2 phones plus little slot for cards. Well well... Omen I must say, so I play around a bit with these lovely fabrics which I bought sometime back.

1. This is a quick one and versatile. I end up using this for my external hard disc, the cable fits in nicely in the front pocket :). I made tutorial for this one HERE 

2. This one is my favorite - fabric wise - look at those cute and colorful owls. This one has divider which is  perfect to carry 2 phones, so they won't bump against each other.

3. And this one slightly longer with divider and slots of cards

and now I'm making few more for my friends and maybe add them to my ETSY 

Until then...

Happy Sewing

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