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A busy month

Well, November is almost ended and I haven't written a single blog post. The last 2 months was quite a busy one for me. I'm trying to get my ETSY SHOP up and running again and starts taking custom orders. And also try my best to maintain my Facebook Page.

So, finally I started doing children umm..little girls dresses again and this time I put up a listing in my Etsy shop after a lot of encouragement from my dear friends Agnes and mbak Hany. All this time I'm making dresses for friends and relatives and I guess it's high time I take it a little further ^_^.

For the time being I'm offering a custom order for DIRNDLE dress. These ones I've made for Essy's daughter in Austria.

Second one is this birthday party dress. This one in the picture is my friend's cute daughter. I made the dress for her 1st birthday ^_^.

and of course this most versatile dress, peasant dress. Who doesn't love this dress. It's the most comfortable dress/top.

and also now I'm opening my new Etsy shop where I share my passion for fabrics. Do come and visit Chezvies' Supplies. I picked up fabric from everywhere I go, so you might get an interesting fabrics there which is perfect for your project. Here's the sneak peek of the shop :)

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