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Desi Quilters October Challenge

This simple strip cushion cover I made for Desi Quilters October Challenge. The rule is to make STRIP quilted items of any size. So, I decided to make this cushion cover:

I used my emboss batik fabric which I brought from Indonesia on my last visit last July. I love the vibrant colors of this batik.

I did FMQ too!!! This my second serious try. I just moved the fabric without following any design and realized I should PRACTICE more. I really want to do in a bigger quilt. 


  1. Elvira, I love, LOVE, your batiks which adds such a punch of colour to your cushion cover!

  2. Thanks Chumkie :) I want to make a bigger quilt with the same fabric. Let's see ^^

  3. I love the bright colours! I spent a little time yesterday working on a quilt, the largest I've attempted. There's something wonderfully satisfying about sewing.

    1. Thank you:) Agree with you. I'm hooked to quilting since 2 years back and it's been an amazing journey so far ^_^


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